Why Dave Asprey Changed His Mind About Juicing – Junaid Kalmadi of Farmers Juice – #802

Meet juicing that supports good health, small farmers and the environment while offering a high-quality yet inexpensive product.

For a while I was anti-juicing because I found myself consuming a lot of sugar with very few health benefits. But I wanted to flip my own. script and introduce you to a brand-new juice company. These juices don’t cause a blood sugar spike. Instead, you get a lot of phytonutrients and the bonus opportunity to support small farmers.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, I’m talking about juicing with Farmers Juice founder and CEO Junaid Kalmadi. Farmers Juice is the world’s first keto-friendly and functional green juice line with adaptogens, antioxidants and mushrooms. These ingredients boost focus, increase athletic performance, and create a sense of calm.

Farmers Juice juices contain no GMOs, artificial colors/preservatives, synthetic fertilizers or toxic persistent pesticides.

“Cold-pressed juicing takes one to 1.5 pounds of produce and it separates the liquid from the solid and the juice from the pulp,” Junaid says. “It creates this really concentrated and potent beverage that has all sorts of nutrients of roughly three to five plates of salad in one drink.”

And thanks to high pressure processing, Farmers Juice retains all the ingredient goodness. Another bonus that the juices stay fresh for 20 days.

Most juice companies use sugar-based ingredients. Instead, Farmers Juice uses a mint, basil, lime, lemon, turmeric, and ginger combination. This gives your tastebuds a tingle every time you drink it and contains only four to five grams of sugar per juice bottle.

“I think juice companies selling sugary drinks, even though they have good intentions, contribute to the health care burden of 240 million Americans being overweight or obese and nearly 125 million Americans that are diabetic or prediabetic,” Junaid says. “Juice does not need to be part of the problem; it can be part of the solution.”

In addition to supporting human health, Farmers Juice also prioritizes decreasing food waste by partnering up with Alliance of Family Farms to get the “ugly produce” that often gets thrown away. Then, they donate their extra pulp to local farmers for cattle feed. All of their produce comes from small farmers in California.

Farmers Juice is good for you, local farmers and the planet. That’s something I can get behind.

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Why Dave Asprey Changed His Mind About Juicing – Farmers Juice – #802


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Key Notes

  • Why would you even think about doing a juice company after a brain hacking company? – 2:16
  • In 2017, it came to a point where it had outward material security and outward sort of success and entrepreneurial success, but my inner life speaking truthfully was bankrupt. – 4:33
  • The idea of farmersjuice.com was born. – 6:03
  • What is the problem though, with just going out and getting a normal juice the way most companies are making them? – 8:04
  • The vast sort of majority of juice companies, even though they’re well intentioned, they use sugar-based ingredients like apple or pineapple, just because it sells more and it tastes sweeter. – 9:36
  • One of the other concerns that I’ve had with juices is they’re not carefully composed. You get a blood sugar spike even if it isn’t particularly full of sugar or even fruit juice. – 12:12
  • The Levels, their team, it’s Stanford surgeons, SpaceX people, so they immediately they were super skeptical. They were like, okay, they said, “Let’s do a test to get against the Naked juice with Farmers Juice.” – 13:50
  • How did you get it so that it wasn’t spiking blood sugar? What was the trick? – 15:56
  • What are you going to do about making it affordable?- 16:54
  • In the United States, food waste is estimated at between 30 to 40% of the entire food supply – 18:28
  • With the physics of the chemistry of this process with HPP, it neutralizes all the negative bacteria. And it makes the juice less fresh for 30 days, versus if you were to go to a high end juice bar or juice at home – 20:08
  • After the juice is made, there’s a lot of the pulp. What do you do with the pulp? – 20:21
  • Each green juice roughly has nine to 11 in total carbs. And then there’s roughly four grams, only four to five grams of sugar per juice, and it’s all coming from ginger, or turmeric, or lemon, or basil or mint. It’s not coming from any fruit. – 24:29
  • Tell me about shipping and all that kind of stuff. How does that work? – 26:28
  • Most US companies or even companies in general use single use plastic and the landfills build up. What we do is we go out of our way to source from recycled plastic sources. – 27:25
  • Big companies use nonorganic produce, because it’s 30 to 40% cheaper depending on where you live and can be incredibly damaging, can be incredibly damaging with the soil, can contain pesticides like glyphosate. – 30:27
  • From each box, we donate a portion of our profits to a nonprofit called Kiss the Ground. – 33:14
  • The statistic you have about running out of topsoil in about 60 years, we’re out and that doesn’t account for shrinkage of topsoil. Some new satellite imaging says we’ve lost 20 to 30% of our topsoil in the US over the last 30 years – 34:37
  • There’s values that I have when I’m creating a food product or any product really. First thing is, is how do you feel after you use it or eat it or drink it? Second thing is, how does it taste? – 35:43
  • What was it like starting brain.fm? What did you learn as an entrepreneur that you’re putting into Farmers Juice? – 39:38

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