Your Body, Your Choice: Take Control of Your Personal Health Data – Base with Dave Asprey – #761

Base’s at-home bio-marker testing paired with an app for tracking offers science-based results and recommendations personalized just for you.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, we’re talking about ways that you can take charge of your own health data and measure what you want, when you want with at-home testing paired with a data-science app.

My guest is Lola Priego, founder of Base. She got frustrated with a personal health challenge and used her extensive tech background, medical training and creative problem solving to find a solution. That solution not only helped her; it’s now helping many others.

She realized how access to personal health data was key to get to the root cause of symptoms and improve with nutritional, lifestyle and supplement changes.

So, she developed a data-driven approach to health monitoring. Base applies tech and data science capabilities to make healthcare more affordable and accessible. It’s a data-driven approach to sleep, stress, energy, and diet with lab testing and data-science.

“We definitely see a lot of people desperate,” Lola says. “I was desperate myself, but I was even more frustrated, just seeing all of the tools available at a big tech company that were not used for the right things.”

Base offers science-based results and recommendations based on continuous blood and saliva at-home testing. It’s an at-home bio-marker testing paired with an app for tracking.

“We believe in continuous monitoring and testing to get to the root cause of your symptoms or to just monitor the things that you care about,” Lola says. “Continuous testing is the way to improve, really learn about your body and learn what things work for you. Because it’s not a one size fits all.”

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Your Body, Your Choice- Take Control of Your Personal Health Data – Base with Dave Asprey – #761



Key Notes

  • What did it feel like to go from being deep tech at these giant companies to working with blood? – 2:57
  • Healthcare data should be affordable, should be accessible. It should not be managed by these middleman that they just want profit from drug prescriptions. – 11:50
  • So there are two starting points, typically. Typically someone is struggling with a given symptom. Let’s say they are brain fogged or fatigued like me, or they can’t sleep. They feel really weird when they eat or on the other hand, you’re feeling okay, but you just want to feel better and be on the driver’s seat of your health. – 14:38
  • We see a lot of users that come to us, because they’ve been trying melatonin for months and they still cannot sleep. – 23:34
  • We fundamentally believe at base, that continuous testing is the way to improve, really learn about your body and learn what things work for you. Because again, it’s not a one size fits all. – 28:02
  • How do we know that your lifestyle recommendations are actually the right ones? – 33:10
  • Anyone that tells you that they’re going to use AI in your health data, take it with a grain of salt. – 37:42
  • The thing for New York State Department of Health, is that it has feeling complexity, so we have to make sure that we meet with those guidelines for the health data. – 40:39
  • Data could also show you how things could be good until you have too much of that thing. – 45:10
  • If there was one lab test that you think everyone on the planet should do first, given all that you’ve seen, what would that one lab test be? – 52:51

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