Your Morning Makes Your Day: 6 Practices To Get You Going – Hal Elrod with Dave Asprey – #765

Learn the specific practices that can help you achieve the level of fulfillment, joy, and success that you want in your life.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, I’m welcoming back Hal Elrod to talk about the importance of setting yourself up for success with a morning practice and exciting news about the live experience of his documentary debut on Dec. 12, 2020, “The Miracle Morning Movie.”

“How you start your day is arguably the single most determining factor in the day that you live,” Hal says. “How you start your day sets the tone, the context, the direction for who you are that shows up in the rest of your day.”

Hal is the author of the bestselling book, “The Miracle Morning,” which has sold over 2 million copies and been translated into 37 languages; an expanded book series based on “The Miracle Morning,” and a follow-up book, “The Miracle Equation.”

After surviving multiple near-death experiences and impacting millions of people through his books, Hal is leading a worldwide movement to elevate the consciousness of humanity, one morning at a time. The worldwide premiere of his new documentary is part of this effort.

The Miracle Morning Movie,” gives you access to the morning rituals of some of the world’s most successful people and shows you how millions of ordinary people are doing the extraordinary. They simply changed how they start their morning and you can do the same.

“Using the six practices of the Miracle Morning, you put yourself in a peak physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state, and you develop yourself into a better version of the person that went to bed the night before,” Hal says. “And now bring the best version of yourself into your relationships, into your work, into your general mental and emotional well-being.”

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Your Morning Makes Your Day- 6 Practices To Get You Going – Hal Elrod with Dave Asprey – #765


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Key Notes

  • Hal’s documentary took 6 hard years and surviving cancer and almost died. – 2:55
  • There are some people listening though who aren’t familiar with Miracle Morning. What is a Miracle Morning? 7:01
  • Start your day with these six specific practices and becoming the person that you need to be to create everything that you want for your life. – 9:29
  • The acronym is SAVERS, I think it’s appropriate because in my experience, these are the six practices that can save us from missing out on the level of fulfillment, joy, success that we want. – 11:09
  • Hal experienced having cancer with gratitude – which you can see in the documentary too. – 16:03
  • The three steps to affirmations – 19:58
  • Surviving Cancer – 21:01
  • When the book came out, my mission was changed one million lives, one morning at a time. And then once we sold over a million copies, I went, all right, what’s the next thing? 24:33
  • Even in the midst of the most challenging time in my life that I still chose all of my values of, I was grateful. I was optimistic. I was doing my Miracle Morning every day. I was serving other people in every way that I could. And I think that with what’s going on in the world right now, the world has cancer in a lot of ways you could say metaphorically speaking. – 28:15
  • I was so mission-driven, like I’ve got to elevate consciousness, I have to change millions and millions and millions of lives. It’s like I had tricked myself without being even aware of it that quantity is more important than quality. – 32:27
  • The purpose of a goal is not to hit the goal, the purpose of a goal it’s to give you a target to move toward that enables you to become the type of person that you need to be qualified to achieve goals. – 37:19
  • His depression went away the first day he did the Miracle Morning. I think it’s the idea that when you start your day this way you are optimizing your inner world, you’re optimizing your mental, emotional, and spiritual faculties and capacities. – 40:33
  • Why the idea of being limitless scares us. – 42:07
  • I forget, I get distracted, I get stressed, I get stimulated, I get whatever, but I pull those affirmations out and I’m reminded, oh yeah, that my wife loves me unconditionally and I love her unconditionally. And how she shows up is just she’s dealing with her own stuff and there’s nothing for me to take personally. – 49:20
  • Could I do the SAVERS in the afternoon and get the same effect or in the evening? The answer to that is yes and no. Are those six practices going to benefit you any time of day? Absolutely. – 52:38
  • How you start your day, sets the tone, the context and the direction or how you live your day. And if you win the morning essentially in simple terms, then you put yourself in the best position to win the day and then you create a winning life.– 54:46

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