EP 1177

1177. Bioenergetics: The Secret To More Energy

Harry Massey discusses the transformative potential of bioenergetics in enhancing health, boosting cellular energy, and enhancing overall resilience. 

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

In this episode of The Human Upgrade, Harry Massey joins the show to delve into the fascinating field of bioenergetics and its profound impact on health and healing. Discover how bioenergetics, the study of energy in living systems, can revolutionize your approach to wellness by enhancing the body’s energy and control systems. 

Harry shares his journey from battling chronic fatigue syndrome to founding NES Health, where cutting-edge research and technology are used to enhance cellular function and resilience. You’ll learn about the role of mitochondria, structured water, and light in boosting the body’s energy and efficiency. The conversation also explores how bioenergetics can help reframe our understanding of health by integrating principles from physics, chemistry, and biology. 

You’ll also gain insights into the practical applications of bioenergetics, including NES Health’s innovative voice scan technology that provides personalized health insights. Harry and Dave discuss the future of energy-based treatments and the importance of a strong energetic control system in maintaining the best health possible. 

Get ready to upgrade your understanding of health with actionable advice and scientific insights from two pioneers in the field! 


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“Physics governs chemistry, and chemistry governs biology. By focusing on bioenergetics, we can unlock the body's true potential for healing and resilience.”


(00:01:10) Harry Massey’s background and journey through chronic fatigue syndrome 

    • How Harry’s health challenges led him to explore bioenergetics. 
    • His founding of Energy for Life and NES Health. 

(00:02:16) Definition and principles of bioenergetics 

    • Study and correction of energy in living systems. 
    • Importance of mitochondria and energetic control systems. 

(00:03:36) Charging the body’s energy and the role of structured water 

    • How structured water aids in cellular energy production. 
    • Various methods to recharge the body’s energy. 

(00:04:50) Optimizing the body’s energetic control system 

    • The efficiency of field-based control systems over chemical ones. 
    • How the body uses fields for instantaneous communication. 

(00:08:20) Efficiency of the energetic control system vs. chemical control system 

    • Benefits of a field-based system for health and healing. 
    • Avoiding the toxic effects of chemical treatments. 

(00:12:35) Impact of light and structured water on mitochondria 

    • Enhancing mitochondrial function with light and structured water. 
    • Research findings on increased energy output and resilience. 

(00:18:26) Research on structured water and its effects on cellular health 

    • Studies showing increased mitochondrial density and protection. 
    • Application of structured water in bioenergetics. 

(00:22:02) Increasing mitochondrial density and resilience 

    • How bioenergetics can improve overall cellular function. 
    • Protecting cells from environmental toxins. 

(00:26:15) Harry’s personal health journey and the development of NES Health 

    • His experience with chronic fatigue syndrome. 
    • The collaborative research and development of NES Health technologies. 

(00:30:16) Comparison with homeopathy and the concept of information in water 

    • Differences between homeopathy and bioenergetics. 
    • How information imprinted in water can influence health. 

(00:33:23) The influence of consciousness on health and reality 

    • How consciousness and intention can impact health. 
    • Examples of consciousness influencing physical reality. 

(00:35:06) Overcoming skepticism and proving the effectiveness of bioenergetics 

    • Research and evidence supporting bioenergetic treatments. 
    • Addressing common skepticism with scientific data. 

(00:42:46) Real-life examples of bioenergetic healing 

    • Case studies and personal testimonials. 
    • How bioenergetics has helped various health conditions. 

(00:50:09) The impact of emotions on health and the importance of positive energy 

    • How positive emotions like gratitude and joy influence health. 
    • The role of emotional states in bioenergetic health. 

(00:54:30) Enhancing resilience and protecting against negative influences 

    • Strategies to boost resilience and protect against harmful fields. 
    • The importance of a strong energetic body field. 

(01:01:09) Introduction to NES Health’s voice scan technology 

    • How the voice scan analyzes the body’s energy field. 
    • Practical applications and benefits of voice analysis. 


Enjoy the show!


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