GUT HEALTH: Enzymes Do the Heavy Lifting – A Top 10 Episode with BiOptimizers

Fixing your digestion begins with understanding how enzymes kickstart many of your body’s functions.

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The BiOptimizers guys take the No. 6 spot with: How to BiOptimize Your Gut & Digestion – #515

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, we’re revisiting an episode with Wade Lightheart and Matt Gallant, founders of BiOptimizers. They aim to optimize digestion, leading into better health and greater performance. Just like me, they believe holistic health, with a focus on body and brain, makes us higher functioning humans.

Wade is a former three-time Canadian, natural bodybuilding champion. Matt’s a kinesiologist who’s trained pro athletes and has been developing supplements for more than a decade. Together at BiOptimizers, they’ve tackled gut, body and brain health with an emphasis on enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics, magnesium, and blood sugar.

“We all have an enzyme bank account in our bodies and they do about 25,000 different functions in the body,” Matt says.
“Everything from thinking to blinking, enzymes are involved. They’re the catalyst that kickstarts chemical biochemical reactions in the body. And when we eat food, we need to break that food down. So our body’s going to use our enzymatic bank account to break that food down.”

Certain kinds of enzymes help with carbohydrate digestion, protein and fiber breakdown, losing body fat, improving skin conditions, clearing brain fog and speeding up recovery.

“Depending on what you’re eating,” Matt says, “your brain is going to recognize what enzymes it needs to produce and then start breaking that down in the mouth and then continuing to excrete enzymes inside your stomach.”

And when you do your own biofeedback (paying attention to how your body respond to different stimuli) you’ll find what works for you, and what enzymes can help make your body work more efficiently.

“I got so into enzymes and their usage because I knew that I really couldn’t perform at a high level on that diet [vegetarian] if I didn’t have really superior digestion. And then that inadvertently trying to solve that problem as an athlete translated over to all sorts of people who I discovered had digestive-related illnesses and we could actually solve those, and that led to a whole cascade of things and eventually a company and all that sort of stuff. So, you scratch your own head, and you start up with a toaster and end up with a rocket ship.”

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GUT HEALTH- Enzymes Do the Heavy Lifting – A Top 10 Episode with BiOptimizers



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Key Notes

  • All right, I want to know how we got a vegetarian bodybuilder. Are you still a vegetarian?  – 00:39
  • I’m competing at a world championships on 85 grams of protein a day when my competitors are doing 250, 300, 350. So that’s what got me into that whole digestive idea of how do I optimize my digestion and make that functional with the diet I had.  – 3:13
  • We all have an enzyme bank account in our bodies and they do about 25,000 different functions in the body. Everything from thinking to blinking, enzymes are involved.  – 4:28
  • Depending what you’re eating, your brain is going to recognize what enzymes it needs to produce and then start breaking that down in the mouth and then continuing to excrete enzymes inside your stomach.  – 6:22
  • When we can’t break down protein, we get problems from allergies, which is basically proteins we can’t break down, to protein toxicity, undigested proteins in the blood and the gut, all of those are very problematic.- 7:23
  • Have you seen differences in other people or in yourself, in their after a meal, heart rate, variability, if they take enzymes or probiotics or the same kind of foods?  – 10:33
  • As far as cellulose and cellulase, that’s basically when you’re eating a lot of veggies, it’s very difficult for the body to break down the cellulose, which is the cell membranes that plants have.  – 12:11
  • Using various breathing techniques is probably the most effective way to alkalize the body, whether you use water breathing, there’s a lot of different methodologies.  – 13:55
  • When you hit a certain saturation level of hydrochloric acid, it flips the esophageal sphincter, which is like a little lid that closes off the stomach. So the acid doesn’t splash up into esophagus. And if you don’t produce enough, the lid doesn’t shut and now you get acid splashing. – 14:28
  • Let’s talk Matt about that proteolytic enzymes for speeding up recovery and for changing flexibility, but let’s talk about recovery of things like sprains and strains.  – 18:50
  • There’s two types of strains, they’re either transient or colonizers. And the colonizers is what frankly, we feel is in the BSL.  – 21:04
  • We call it the Batman enema. So just a couple of things going on here. First of all, you take about five capsules and you put it in coconut water,  – 22:57
  • Someone comes to you tomorrow and says, I want to perform better at everything I do as a human being, three most important pieces of advice. What would you say?  – 24:36

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