Ozone Breakthrough! A New Form of Nature’s Disinfectant – Ian Mitchell with Dave Asprey – #748

Dave Asprey
Ian Mitchel
Ozone stops inflammation and infections, it makes your cells work better, and it makes your brain work better. And now it’s been captured in a capsule.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, my guest is Ian Mitchell, a research scientist who always has several really cool projects going on at once. This time it’s quantum-charged ozonated oil.

You’re going to learn about high-voltage electrical discharges, high-frequency plasma fields, reactive oxygen species, lasers and a lot more about how ozone works in the body.

He’s been on the show twice before—episodes #514 and #586—talking about solutions for longevity, inflammation, joint renewal, hair regrowth and antimetastatic therapies for cancer. I want people who are listening to understand Ian creates a ton of disparate, weird, but world-changing stuff.

“I have three different ozone generators,” Ian says. “This stuff is grossly underrated. I wish more people knew about it. That’s actually that’s why I was jazzed to work on this project because this is something that will actually get out to people.”

Here’s the deal: If you put ozone in your blood or absorb it rectally, you will actually live longer. Ozone stops inflammation and infections, it makes your cells work better, and it makes your brain work better. It is something that should be a major part of our national conversation right now because it stops cytokine storms, it reduces the effect of almost every virus, including Epstein-Barr. It stops toxic mold. It’s anticancer. It works well with hyperbaric. It is the bee’s knees.

We talk specifically about the first-ever quantum-charged ozonated oil capsules. These are designed for gut health, detox, and cellular strength.

“I’m very much in a camp of quantum biology,” Ian says. “I think the next big push that’s going to be made to make a difference for people’s physiology and the benefit thereof is all going to be quantum medicine.”

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Ozone Breakthrough! A New Form of Nature’s Disinfectant – Ian Mitchell with Dave Asprey – #748


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Key Notes

  • Ian and his work with creating carbon-negative concrete. – 2:11
  • Ozone therapy came about from Tesla and his work, and it was used even in 1918 to sterilize wounds – 5:48
  • Why do you think that you can put ozone in a supplement and make it stay there and make it work? – 8:20
  • Tesla did this thing that was brilliant. The guy was very sharp, and he kept it in a vat for eight weeks with exposure to high-strength magnetic fields – 16:44
  • I was trying to take the same molecular configuration and make it more charged. So, what I did was I used the plasma field to trigger resonance. – 19:44
  • “Let me get this right. So, you came up with this new tech but to verify the new tech you had to come up other new tech.” I’m like, “Yeah, that’s basically it.” – 22:52
  • Don’t discount the guys who are the really brilliant guys in the past. – 25:35
  • My take on using sunflower oil is because it’s an unstable oil. – 31:06
  • ou can use vitamin C to really stimulate yourself, because it flips the switch, it goes from being an antioxidant to a pro-oxidant once you pass a certain biological threshold. – 36:02
  • You’re saying that ozone works on all those things, not Ion Charged? – 39:33
  • My experience with doing Dr. Morguelan’s stuff is it’s a very simple set of routines. You execute on these things and you get this result. It’s actually it’s been incredibly helpful in the laboratory setting, too, because I’ve noticed that … This is a little difficult to quantify, but I’m seemingly more connected. I make logical jumps more rapidly – 48:26
  • I would implore anybody, look at the studies. They’re on the website – biocharged.co. Look at the studies coming out of Cuba. – 51:46

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