Self-Love Drives Your Choices and Upgrades Your Life – Kamal Ravikant with Dave Asprey – #838

This show is full of wisdom about self-love, mindset, entrepreneurship and tech investing. Learn how it’s all connected.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, my guest follows his curiosity wherever it leads.

Kamal Ravikant served as an infantry soldier in the US Army, hiked the Camino de Santiago in Spain, climbed the Himalayas and meditated with monks there, and help found several companies. He’s made a career as a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, investor, and author. Currently, he’s Managing Partner at Evolve VC, an early stage venture capital fund.

So what does all this have to do with self-love? Kamal explains how he developed self-love as a foundation for his life and work.

Kamal originally published his non-fiction book “Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It” in 2012 after a devastating year when he was sick to the point of bed rest, his company failed, he went through a relationship break-up and a close friend died.

In the midst of all this strife, he had an “a-ha” moment and made a vow to himself. He literally transformed his life. He gave a talk at the end of 2011 speaking his truth. A few months later, he wrote some things down to help a friend. Then he sent the writings to another friend where instead of a blog post, the writings became a book that struck a nerve and went viral. Kamal took years of responses to heart and revised the content to go even deeper, re-releasing the book in January 2020.

“I’m a big believer in sharing the truth and I don’t mean like here’s my dirty laundry truth, but the emotional truth, the fundamental truth or your truth about what makes you better,” Kamal says. “What I’ve been sharing about is what makes you better in the inside.”

You’ll find this show full of wisdom about self-love, mindset, entrepreneurship and tech investing. It’s all connected.

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Follow Along with the Transcript

Self-Love Drives Your Choices and Upgrades Your Life – Kamal Ravikant with Dave Asprey – #838


Book: “Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It”

Key Notes

  • So as a successful, financially successful Silicon Valley, why would you write a book about loving yourself? – 2:07
  • I was miserable anyway. No job, no company, nothing going for me. Rent’s due next month, credit cards. So I started to try to figure it out and I just worked on my mind.  – 6:02
  • When did you realize that you weren’t alone in having hit the bottom the way you did?  – 9:44
  • I’m a big believer in sharing the truth and I don’t mean like here’s my dirty laundry truth, but the emotional truth, the fundamental truth or your truth about what makes you better.  – 14:22
  • There’s plenty of books on loving yourself. Your mom tells you a lot of yourself. Your grandma, your grandmother tells you to love yourself. No one tells you how.  – 16:16
  • Can you walk our listeners and Our Upgrade Collective people who are live today through the basics of the seven minutes?  – 19:01
  • There’s different exercises to do it, but that’s what it is and it’s a practice. For example, I’ll pause throughout the day and I’ll just do 10 breaths.  – 21:44
  • I’m insanely curious. Since I was a kid, I just want to figure things out. If I was told, “Don’t touch the socket,’ guess what kid will be sticking his hand in the socket.  – 24:01
  • You get these special forces guys, you spend like tens of millions training each one, and then they come out and they’re packing boxes a Walmart, it’s a tragedy, right? So I love mentoring these guys and showing them what they’re capable of in the civilian world.  – 28:00
  • There’s nothing wrong with being a man, to be really clear. But when you read it, how much of your audience is women versus men?  – 29:58
  • Writing it down, reading it until I was sick of it. Reading it loud. I’m letting it go. I’m getting rid of the weight.  – 34:25
  • You’re hanging off a cliff with your fingers. You know the kind of intensity you will put into your fingers? Imagine putting that intensity into loving yourself, what would that be like?  – 35:57
  • There’s a very simple thing I do that’s almost become natural now. I call it the question. It’s a very simple question the question is, if I love myself, if I love myself, truly and deeply, what would I do? And I asked myself that when I’m making choices.  – 37:37
  • How many times a day or a week do you have the voice of ego saying things about shame in your head today?  – 39:03
  • I went inside to the child and all I did was I saw his head and I kissed his head and I said, “No shame, no guilt. You’re perfect.” – 40:19
  • Let’s say you’re competing for a deal, and you really want it, and someone beats you, what goes through your head?  – 41:25
  • I wish I’d known this stuff earlier, man, I would have been a better entrepreneur. I wouldn’t have fallen apart the times when I did. I wonder if I hadn’t fall apart, could I’ve saved my company? I don’t know. Maybe. I probably would have handled it better.  – 46:16
  • Who is maybe one of your mentors that you actually looked up to or still look up to in your daily life?  – 47:38
  • When I look at my life and create a beautiful narrative arc for myself using the same events and then be that person as a result of that.  – 50:44

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