Get Your Mojo On With All Things Keto – Dorian Greenow with Dave Asprey – #824

Don’t go chasing ketones, chase your own bio-Individuality. Here’s the latest in ketogenic research, testing and measurement.

You’ve told me you want to hear about ketosis, ketones, glucose, monitoring your ketones, what happens when you want to go into ketosis and what happens when you want to go out of it. So, I’ve got a guest for you who’s definitely geeky, who has gone really, really deep on this to the point that they call him. Mr. Mojo. Dorian Greenow, founder of Keto-Mojo, shares his expertise in ketogenic research and ketone testing.

This episode of Bulletproof Radio is filled with information, tips and takeaways for integrating keto into your life.

Our ketone levels tell us if we’re actually burning fat to make energy, and keto test strips tell us what those ketone levels are. Different people, depending on their lifestyle and bio-individuality, will have different ranges of ideal ketone levels.

“So there are different types of keto,” Dorian says. “Having it data-driven helps you refine it into the bio-individuality. And that to me is the key. I’m agnostic on whatever somebody is keto, and I’m not going to play the keto police saying, “That’s not keto.” The data should guide people. And once you have that, you get data-driven outcomes because the blood doesn’t lie.”

Keto-Mojo has developed cost-effective keto measuring devices so your own data is within reach. Keto-Mojo keeps its focus on funding ketogenic therapies and finding ways to support people in a healthy lifestyle that suits them.

“I’m not about selling a meter,” Dorian says. “You’ll view our website, you’ll see recipes. There’s over 182 hours of the leading clinicians and researchers that were once CME credits, so you can do a deep dive into the medical research that is there.”

“Don’t go chasing ketones, chase the results that you’ve got,” Dorian says. “Learn how to interpret the data.”

Dorian and his wife, Gemma, also founded The Ketogenic Foundation, a 501(c)(3)non-profit Public Charity which fosters ketogenic education, medical research, and information sharing.

Maybe you’re looking for ways to cope with type 2 diabetes, maybe you want to home in on your athletic performance, or maybe you’re just curious. In this episode, you’ll learn why your ketone levels change throughout the day and what your levels may mean for your overall lifestyle and more. No matter how you’ve incorporated keto (or are just thinking about it), you’ll feel like you can really make keto work for you and learn some new tips.

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Get Your Mojo On With All Things Keto – Dorian Greenow with Dave Asprey – #824


Key Notes

  • We’re our third generation of meter. We’re now in 26 countries. – 2:40
  • We just launched our new GK+ meter back in October, and we dropped the price again by a further 20%. – 4:07
  • There are different types of keto but having it data-driven helps you refine it into the bio-individuality. – 5:16
  • I was on antidepressants for many, many years and I found that when my ketone levels were between 1.1 and 1.7, that was my zone.  – 6:46
  • What we measure is in the tank, we don’t measure how good your mitochondria is at receiving ketones nor how good your liver is at creating them.  – 8:10
  • There are three different types of ketones. You’ve got acetoacetate which can be detected sometimes in urine, that’s a urinalysis strip. There is beta-hydroxybutyrate, which is measured in the blood. And there is acetone that can be detected in the breath, but they’re not all created equal.  – 13:21
  • Our meter, not only does it have FDA certification, but it has Euro CE certification. It also has MDSAP certification. – 16:13
  • Virta Health has clinically shows that they can reverse the effects of type two diabetes in 55% of people. That’s writing off 150 billion straight off the balance sheet,  – 18:39
  • There’s 450 people today at stage renal failure. There’s 4,000 people today who’ve just been diagnosed with type two diabetes.  – 21:52
  • We also have a foundation where we use some profits from the company and the goal of that is to fund clinical trials and studies into the efficacy and use of ketogenic therapies for the benefit of humankind. – 22:52
  • What’s the margin of error for the Keto-Mojo, the blood things versus say continuous glucose monitor?  – 26:03
  • Glucose moves quickly, ketones move slowly. So beta-hydroxybutyrate is very stable in the blood.  – 30:23
  • I like to do a baseline every morning about an hour after waking, because there is a dawn phenomenon. As you know, you’re going to get that cortisol spike. – 33:14
  • From my experience, your ketones are generally always lowest in the morning. And they climb on up to during the day. I tend to get my peak just before my evening meal.  – 36:45
  • Most wines in America have been done for the American palette, which has obviously, they like glucose. And so, they push the RS, the residual sugar really high. – 39:42
  • What’s going on with breathalyzers in ketones? – 41:09
  • Help me understand why ketones go down over time when you’re good at ketosis.  – 45:43
  • “We’re a compass. We help guide you. Your roadmap is going to be different to somebody else’s roadmap.” And that’s the important bit. That’s the bit that I love about what we do. – 50:11
  • I haven’t put it behind a paywall. Look, if you’re not using my meter, okay, you can still manually enter it. You can still manually sign up to My Mojo Health Cloud Connector.  – 52:42

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