SEXUAL ENERGY SERIES-6: New Fabric Tech Blocks EMFs from Your Body – Lambs – #792

Innovative wearable solutions to protect your body and your fertility from the adverse health effects of electromagnetic fields.

Welcome to part 6 (of 6) of our Bulletproof Radio Sexual Energy Series! We’re bringing you lots of new information about sexual health, wellness, research, devices, and performance. We’re combining that with special offers, discounts and all kinds of resources on the Dave Asprey blog. Be sure to scan the show notes below for details!

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, we’re talking about how you can protect yourself from EMFs (electromagnetic fields or radiation), with technology much more advanced than wrapping yourself in tinfoil.

This is related to sexual energy in ways you might not expect. When I was writing “The Better Baby Book” more than a decade ago, I reviewed a lot of literature that looked at reproductive wellness and EMFs. It became very clear that you don’t want to have EMFs near your ovaries or your testes if you want to have healthy kids. And the science has only become clearer since then. And even if having kids isn’t on your radar yet, protecting all of your private parts should be.

Arthur Menard de Calenge started the Lambs clothing company–including underwear and t-shirts for men and women–to protect you from EMFs. There currently are more than 30,000 studies showing that EMFs, and especially microwaves, can have an adverse effect on your health. While EMFs can come from natural sources like sunlight, the kinds that impact us most come primarily from everyday exposure through our cellphones, TVs, radios and microwaves.

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EMFs can cause long-term diseases and have a negative impact on fertility, cancer, leaky gut, cardiovascular risk and neurological disorders. And not a lot of people know about that.

“Instead of freaking out, we decided to create a solution and keep on living a normal life, a great life, not worrying about, ‘What are we going to die from?’” Arthur says.

He and his team develop clothing items that are protective, as well as stylish, comfortable and, honestly, normal-looking. They make underwear and t-shirts that can protect ovaries, testes and breasts from EMFs, making this a crucial part of taking care of your sexual health and wellness.

Using a mesh of metallic fibers that are too small for the wavelength of radiation present in EMFs to penetrate it, Lambs clothing blocks 99.2-99.9 percent of EMFs. Bye-bye tin-foil hats.

Arthur and I discuss the dangers of EMFs on the body and how EMFs impact people on a cellular level. We also give some tips on how you can be mindful and avoid exposure.

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SEXUAL ENERGY SERIES-6- New Fabric Tech Blocks EMFs from Your Body – Lambs – #792



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Key Notes

  • I ran a whole body DEXA scan that looked at bone density and we found that, that part of my right leg near the femur where my phone sits was 10% less dense than my left leg. – 1:23
  • We essentially started the company coming from the same place as you did. Without your experiment, but effectually looking at what was available when trying to protect ourselves from EMF. – 3:54
  • It was awesome being recognized as Forbes 30 under 30 for effectively working on Lambs and trying to change what we’re wearing every day so that we have a better living today and better health tomorrow. – 7:20
  • What are the flavors of EMFs we should pay attention to? – 8:41
  • Today there is over 30,000 studies showing that EMF and especially microwaves can have an adverse affect on your health.   – 11:54
  • The safety standards that have been set by the FCC is in the 90s, by the way, which is already something that is interesting, meaning in the ’90s where you had the cell phone where if you were considered a heavy user, that’s when you were using your cell phone two hours a month. – 13:16
  • Alcohol is bad and everyone knows this and a ton of people still drink alcohol. But it’s the fact that not a lot of people know what the issue and that there is an issue and that they should be mindful about how much exposure they have.  – 17:01
  • If you look at the industry, they’ve been funding a lot of studies that don’t show an impact, and then if you look at independently funded studies, they all show an impact. – 19:01
  • We’re electrical, we’re magnetic, we’re chemical, we’re light-based, we’re all those things.  – 21:52
  • Infertility is one of them, but the risks go broader. There is risks of cancer, there are risks of leaky guts, cardiovascular risks and neurological disorders or neurodegenerative diseases.  – 24:18
  • Walk me through the cellular effects of this microwave radiation from devices. – 25:50
  • DNA damage plus lower ATP or impossibility to create ATP means that our cells become senescent faster. – 30:15
  • With women, it’s like every damage that is done is there to stay. So that’s one more reason for women to be mindful of this and to try and limit their exposure as much as possible. – 33:55
  • Are there other protective things? Other than wearing Lambs, obviously, where you do this that people can do or is that pretty much it?  – 34:28
  • When we started Lambs, what we wanted to do was like, “Hey, what can we do so that we can keep on using all those technologies, but also completely remove this factor from impacting our health long-term?” – 38:55
  • I started hearing about EMF and discovered that EMF was a Class 2B human carcinogen, just like gasoline exhaust fumes for instance, and for me that was really an a-ha moment.  – 41:22
  • There is one physical principle that is actually used in NASA space suits, and that’s how we got the idea, which is called a Faraday Cage, or electromagnetic shielding. – 42:37
  • It took us a while to get to the results that we wanted, which was over 99% of EMF blocking. And right now we’re at 99.2 to 99.9, depending on the frequency. – 44:42
  • They look like normal underwear. They’re comfortable and what I also appreciate is, the T-shirts especially, you just don’t get body odor when you wear them. And it’s because silver has an effect on bacteria. Talk about that. – 47:11
  • The way we design the products, we’re very different from a traditional apparel brand in the sense that number one, this is a very different value proposition that we’re providing you with. It’s health and wellness, not style, even though we try to make them pretty stylish. – 52:01
  • So far it’s been a blessing to be able to do this and to be able to do this with people like you, who’s obviously a very strong inspiration in the field of better living today and better health tomorrow. – 56:01

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