Altered States of Sex – Layla Martin – #651

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Fully awaken your sexuality by combining modern science with the effective practices of Tantra.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, I have a fascinating guest who teaches people the tools and techniques required to experience pleasurable sex. Women’s Health Magazine calls her, “the Headmistress of Pleasure,” and Cosmopolitan calls her a “Sexpert Extraordinaire.”

Layla Martin studied human sexuality and human biology at Stanford and then spent a decade learning from Tantric masters in the jungles of Asia. She combines modern science with the effective practices of Tantra to inspire people to heal trauma or shame and fully awaken their sexuality.

“Humans need access to these mystical states of awareness,” she says. “It’s not something just privileged or woo-woo or something for yoga class; it’s something that people need to be operating at the highest level of neurological health.”

As the founder of the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, Layla teaches people how to experience more epic sex and legendary love through her trademarked VITA™ Method. She has a potent approach to up-leveling sex and life, and she shares her practices on her YouTube channel, which has nearly 90 million views to date.

So, if you’re ready to upgrade your sex life, listen on for this and more of Layla’s advice: “Being connected to your body, understanding your energy system and having an ability to feel heightened sensations all contribute to being excellent in bed.”

Enjoy the show!

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Altered States of Sex – Layla Martin – #651


“Wild Woman in the Bedroom: Break Free of Insecurities and Awaken Your True
“Epic Lovers: A Playful Guide for

Key Notes

  • How does sex relate to mysticism? 00:04:20
  • Why did tantra get focussed on sex instead of longevity? 00:07:30
  • Sex is an active form of meditation 00:10:05
  • Does yoga make you better in bed? 00:10:35
  • Is it a good idea to match genital size? 00:13:30
  • Having shared meditation practice with your partner 00:17:40
  • Couples are terrified to share what they like 00:18:40
  • Creating safety in a partnership 00:19:55
  • Getting a business divorce 00:23:25
  • What happens when people stop having sex? 00:25:50
  • Woke masturbation 00:28:25
  • Training longer orgasms 00:40:35
  • Taoist energy practice 00:44:00
  • The female orgasm is the highest energy state 00:45:40
  • Was “50 Shades of Grey” good for us or bad? 00:49:30
  • The six kinds of sex 00:51:40
  • What is sexual polarity? 00:55:30
  • Doing sex training in a large group 00:58:55

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