How to Control Your Blood Sugar & Spike Your Energy – Levels Health with Dave Asprey – #797

You can manage what you measure. Continuous glucose monitoring puts you in charge of your metabolic health.

How to Control Your Blood Sugar & Spike Your Energy – Levels Health with Dave Asprey – #797

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, my guest is an engineer with expertise in metabolic dysfunction. Josh Clemente co-founded Levels Health, a company that has designed a biowearable continuous glucose monitoring device.

The idea of using blood glucose, which is a marker for how much of the most common energy is available in the blood right now and how good is your body at regulating it, is a real-time feedback thing. It’s really powerful.

When he was working at SpaceX, he discovered his metabolic dysfunction and high glucose levels were making him feel like garbage. He read about continuous glucose monitoring, and shortly thereafter found out he was borderline pre-diabetic, despite being a CrossFit trainer at the time and having a healthy diet.

Over 120 million people in the U. S. have prediabetes or diabetes, and most American adults don’t know even they’re prediabetic. Most people don’t know their glucose levels unless they find out at an annual doctor’s appointment. Using Levels technology, we can change that.

“If our population isn’t resilient enough to have an immune system that can fight viral infections because it is frankly undermined or hampered by insulin resistance and all of the byproducts thereof, we won’t ever get there,” Josh says. “So, it is incumbent on each individual person, and I think also on society in general, to improve our metabolic health and therefore the resilience of our entire population.”

Continuous glucose monitoring is crossing a barrier in health monitoring because it’s going below the skin “to an invisible metric that we otherwise wouldn’t have access to” Josh explains. Biowearables is a brand-new space.

Our conversation walks you through how the Levels app works, the urban myths behind “heart healthy” foods, and how tracking your glucose levels can get you better in tune with what your body really needs.

“The data set is a means to changing the future of metabolic health by driving large scale research and helping us to understand how people are living, what is improving outcomes, and where the opportunity is to remove the biggest offenders for worse health,” Josh says. “We’re showing that the opportunity to ultimately give people the empowerment and their health and wellness before they have something go wrong is here to stay.”

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How to Control Your Blood Sugar & Spike Your Energy – Levels Health with Dave Asprey – #797



Key Notes

  • It’s just like, day after day, things are heading in worse direction. – 4:01
  • This simple switch in diet extended the time to seizure by five times in certain of the rodents. And that paper totally blew my mind – 5:43
  • What am I doing to ensure that I’m making good decisions every day? I feel like total garbage. It doesn’t matter how many hours I put in the gym. – 6:42
  • I think my exercise was pushing me more into metabolic dysfunction.  – 6:42
  • Because we’re flying blind, we’re in an open loop state. We don’t get feedback on whether those are heading in a positive or negative direction. – 11:28
  • How many people do you think now are walking around with blood sugar regulation issues who just have no freaking clue?  – 14:56
  • We’ve got a situation where 90 million American adults have prediabetes. Eighty four percent of them don’t know they have it.  – 16:09
  • We’re in this sedentary situation, where we are able to short circuit our metabolic systems, eating more processed carbs in a single setting than a prehistoric human would come across in a lifetime.  – 17:51
  • If we were interested in making sure fewer people died, we would make sure that we did what it took as a country to get our blood sugar under control, then it’s just that simple.  – 21:41
  • When I go into the app, and I say what I ate, and you type it in and take a picture, and then I can look, “Okay, how high did my blood sugar go up and how long did it stay elevated?” – 23:34
  • We have some phenomenal data science folks on our team that are bringing out some really brilliant insights. – 24:52
  • The level system exists to answer the question, what should I eat and why with objective data from your body in real time and when. – 25:55
  • 70% of people in our dataset who ate oatmeal had an extremely poor blood sugar response to it, and I mean, one of the worst that they would have through the entire program. And that is highly counterintuitive, because oatmeal, we are told is a heart healthy breakfast. – 26:44
  • You put on a glucose monitor, and I see that a five-hour night of sleep versus an eight-hour night of sleep is a 40% difference in how my body can metabolize my meals – 32:51
  • We believe is going to be intrinsic to the stain behavior change across long time periods that is necessary for us to write the metabolic health ship here and abroad. – 34:37
  • Going kind of below the skin to an invisible metric that we otherwise wouldn’t have access to. And that’s why we’re calling this biowearables.
  • You can very easily add a walk after this meal or by simply substituting this ingredient for another one, you get such better blood sugar control, and therefore, hormonal control. – 39:15
  • I definitely use it as a device to improve indulgences. So, I know, like the biggest one for me is just walking, and that was something that I would never have believed before the power of a quick like just 20, 15-minute walk around the neighborhood, casual. – 43:17
  • Am I going to have to like have a row of these like level sensors going all the way down my arm like some sort of robot from altered carbon? Tell me the future.  – 46:12
  • Two of the core values of levels is openness and integrity and those both combined into our privacy policy. – 52:20
  • The opportunity is to, I think remove the biggest offenders for worse health. – 54:05
  • When you move your phone over, it activates a transmission protocol. So, it is not to my knowledge, and this is necessary to preserve the battery life of the sensor, it is not continuously streaming data in the way that Bluetooth does. – 58:47
  • We’re developing the product in such a way that you can use this however you see fit, and we’re going to meet you where you are.  – 1:02:49
  • Our devices are fulfilled through a pharmacy partner. There’s a prescription requirement. – 1:05:02
  • Thanks for deciding that this was a bigger thing to hack than even what you were doing with astronauts. – 1:10:29

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