Vaccines Poised to Fight Chronic Disease – Lou Reese – #641

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Hacking the immune system may involve vaccines to fight chronic illness.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, my guest is a chief … officer. (That’s not a typo—and I love it.)

I talked with Lou Reese at the recent XPrize Visioneering conference. He loves all things vision and believes in creating environments in which we can reach our potential to be disruptive originals. He’s one of the co-founders of United Neuroscience and a member of its board of directors. The company is a global team united against chronic disease with leaders in neurology, immunology, drug development at the helm. United Neuroscience is passionate about democratizing health and delivering science-driven innovation that is accessible for all.

Lou’s work focuses on hacking the immune system. It’s critical work.

In 2018—for the first time in human history—“what killed us was things that our body made inside rather than things that were harmful coming from outside,” Lou explains. “The exogenous is no longer the primary enemy, the endogenous is the primary enemy.” Specifically, chronic illness is now our No. 1 killer.

Listen on to learn about the ground-breaking solutions Lou and his team are developing.

Enjoy the show!

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Vaccines Poised to Fight Chronic Disease – Lou Reese —#641



Key Notes

  • Lou’s biodegradable glasses 00:04:00
  • Why Hack the immune system? 00:6:10
  • A vaccine for diseases like Parkinson’s? 00:08:25
  • What happens if you turn on the wrong antibody? 00:11:10
  • PCSK9 and Cholesterol 00:11:45
  • Why vaccines have a negative reputation 00:17:25
  • IM injections to control auto-immune reactions 00:21:00
  • Regulations around vaccines 00:23:45
  • Dave’s brush with tetanus 00:24:20
  • The safety of the injections tested on pigs 00:26:50
  • Do you need to castrate all pigs? 00:28:30
  • The Feed Conversion Ratio 00:31:25
  • Who Lou hasn’t tried his own products 00:32:55
  • Preventing is easier than solving problems 00:36:15
  • Making medications reversible 00:38:30
  • How accessible (expensive) will treatments be? 00:40:00
  • “We are all liars and hypocrites, son” 00:41:45
  • Diseases aren’t socio-economic 00:44:50

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