Part 2–Ripple Effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic That We’re Ignoring: DNA Impacts with Mansoor Mohammed, Ph.D. – #688

Mansoor Mohammed, Ph.D.
Covid-19 shockwaves have us considering tangible ways to take more substantial, informed ownership of our health, especially inflammation.

This episode of Bulletproof Radio is part two of a special two-part series. (Catch part one here.) There was a lot to discuss about Covid-19 with Mansoor Mohammed, Ph.D., president and chief scientific officer of The DNA Company. He’s widely regarded as a pioneer in medical genomics.

In part two, we talk about specific genes that make you prone to exaggerated inflammatory viral responses and respiratory problems. The DNA Company actually knows this. In fact, Mansoor and I had a conversation about this long before Covid-19 existed.

We again get scienc-y about DNA and coronavirus, but we explain it all along the way in simple terms. We break down the science into manageble pieces that you can use today. Especially when it comes to inflammation, which is one of the pandemic ripple effects.

“Ultimately the real knockout punch is coming from something called cytokine storms, which is just a sexy word of seeing a deregulated hyped-up, armed-up inflammatory response,” Mansoor says.

Whether you have access to your genetic information or not, this episode offers something for everyone to make sure this inflammatory thing doesn’t hit you.

We look at stacking Selenium, Zinc, D3, Vitamin C and NAC, as well as balancing your methylation. However, this is just a start.

Buckle up to learn a lot more!

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Ripple Effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic That We’re Ignoring- DNA Impacts Part 2– Mansoor Mohammed, Ph.D. – #688


Key Notes

  • The real knockout punch is coming from something called cytokine storms. – 1:03
  • Methylation is a cyclical process that requires one gene, then another, then another. – 4:05
  • What are the genes that people should watch out for? – 6:51
  • If you’re a AA SHMT1, you get Lyme neuroborreliosis, you don’t do very well. – 8:58
  • The difference between 5-methyltetrahydrofolate, and 5-formyltetrahydrofolate. – 10:41
  • What would you do to make sure that inflammatory doesn’t hit you? – 13:41
  • Are we prophylactic, are we showing symptoms or are we then dealing with that? – 15:45
  • I would ensure that I’m getting my vitamin D levels and that you’re balancing your methylation. – 17:00
  • The accumulation of the oxidants tends to prefer and send the virus into replication, which is the very thing you don’t want. – 19:04
  • I just have Copper and Zinc together because they kind of balance each other out. – 21:28
  • Selenium, Zinc, D3, vitamin C and NAC, that’s my stack. – 21:51
  • An inhaled puff of hydrogen peroxide, it has become part of my daily routine. – 23:25
  • Frank Shallenberger – one of the grandfathers of Ozone Therapy. – 24:19
  • On a regular basis  Stephania root, Boswellia/frankincense as another name for it, I don’t get the chronic inflammation. – 29:55
  • There is the difference between prophylactic and acute symptomology. – 33:46
  • If we tried to do this, i.e., not just flatten the curve but reduce the area under the curve. – 36:24
  • Is there a silver lining here? – 42:35
  • You have brained rushed a population into thinking, if it’s not stumped as a pharmaceutic, it has no benefit for me. – 45:06

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