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1175. How Much LONGER Will You Live By Eating Sulforaphane?

Join Dave Asprey as he interviews Dr. John Gildea and David Roberts about the incredible benefits of sulforaphane and NRF2 activation. Learn about the science behind these compounds, their impact on longevity, and how they can help detoxify your body. 

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

In this episode of The Human Upgrade, Dr. John Gildea and David Roberts from BrocElite join to discuss the powerful benefits of sulforaphane and NRF2 activation. You’ll hear about the science behind sulforaphane, a potent compound in broccoli, and how it can boost your health by protecting your cells and enhancing detoxification. 

Learn why eating broccoli and broccoli sprouts can be a game-changer for your diet and get practical tips on how to incorporate them into your meals. The discussion highlights the role of sulforaphane in supporting gut health and improving resilience to toxins. 

Dr. Gildea and David Roberts explain the importance of NRF2 activation in promoting longevity and better performance. You’ll understand how these mechanisms work to keep your body functioning optimally and how you can leverage them for better health. Tune in to gain valuable insights and actionable advice on enhancing your health with sulforaphane and NRF2 activation! 


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“The beauty of sulforaphane is that it doesn't just act as an antioxidant. It turns on a whole set of enzymes that keep working over and over again to protect your cells.”


(00:00:00) Introduction 

  • Dave introduces the episode and the topic of sulforaphane and NRF2 activation. 
  • Overview of Dr. John Gildea and David Roberts’ backgrounds. 

(00:01:04) Are Bodybuilders the Edgiest Biohackers? 

  • Discussion on how Dr. Gildea stabilized the sulforaphane compound. 
  • Importance of NRF2 pathways for biohackers. 

(00:02:10) Benefits of Broccoli and Sulforaphane 

  • Why kids should eat broccoli. 
  • Synergies of different compounds in broccoli. 

(00:03:29) The Role of Broccoli Sprouts 

  • Comparison between mature broccoli and broccoli sprouts. 
  • Benefits and practicality of growing broccoli sprouts. 

(00:04:23) Isothiocyanates and Thyroid Function 

  • Concerns about isothiocyanates in broccoli affecting thyroid function. 
  • How sulforaphane can improve thyroid function in the presence of adequate iodine. 

(00:05:04) Cooking and Eating Broccoli for Maximum Benefits 

  • The best ways to prepare and consume broccoli to maximize sulforaphane intake. 
  • The significance of combining raw and cooked broccoli. 

(00:08:24) Stabilizing Sulforaphane 

  • Discussion on the unique stabilization process developed by Dr. Gildea and David Roberts. 
  • The challenges and trade secrets involved. 

(00:10:57) Longevity and Performance Impacts of NRF2 

  • Explanation of NRF2’s role in longevity. 
  • How sulforaphane can improve insulin sensitivity and lower blood sugar levels. 

(00:15:49) NRF2 and Insulin-Like Growth Factor 

  • Relationship between NRF2 and IGF-1. 
  • Benefits of preemptively turning on the NRF2 system. 

(00:17:25) NRF2 and Exercise Recovery 

  • Potential impact of NRF2 on exercise recovery. 
  • Recommendations for timing sulforaphane intake around workouts. 

(00:18:20) Resilience Against Toxins 

  • How higher NRF2 levels improve resilience to environmental toxins. 
  • Examples of toxins and their effects on the body. 

(00:24:57) Sulforaphane and Autism 

  • Review of studies on sulforaphane’s impact on autistic individuals. 
  • Significant improvements in behavior and symptoms. 

(00:28:15) Sulforaphane’s Long-Lasting Effects 

  • The sustained effects of sulforaphane on NRF2 activation. 
  • Anecdotal evidence and personal experiences. 

(00:31:08) Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Sulforaphane 

  • Reduction of IL-6 levels with sulforaphane. 
  • Implications for chronic inflammation and immune response. 

(00:33:06) Broader Health Benefits 

  • The broad-spectrum benefits of sulforaphane, including brain health and detoxification. 
  • Potential use in various health conditions. 

(00:40:52) Gut Health and Microbiome 

  • The impact of sulforaphane on gut bacteria and tight junctions. 
  • How a healthy microbiome supports overall health. 

(00:45:58) Autophagy and Cellular Health 

  • How sulforaphane induces autophagy and supports mitochondrial health. 
  • Practical tips for incorporating sulforaphane into a longevity regimen. 

(00:55:57) Optimal Dosage and Safety 

  • Discussion on the optimal dosage of sulforaphane. 
  • Safety and potential side effects. 

(01:02:00) Closing Thoughts 

  • Final recommendations for listeners. 
  • Encouragement to incorporate sulforaphane into daily routines. 


Enjoy the show!


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