Master Your Energy to Transform Your Life – Master Mingtong Gu with Dave Asprey – #833

When you master your energy, you frame your life’s purpose and upgrade yourself as a human being.

I’m always curious to learn from people who’ve mastered ancient teachings. I hold a deep respect for people who’ve dedicated their lives to deep inner work and transformation to become better humans. That’s why I’m really glad to welcome Master Mingtong Gu to this episode of Bulletproof Radio.

He shares ancient Eastern wisdom around the world to show how you can achieve better health and consciousness in contemporary times. The ancient wisdom and teachings of chi, the breath, meditation, and energy are particularly relevant today. The mystical has become measurable.

“The whole universe is made of energy,” says Master Mingtong. “And only four percent is visible, measurable, or what we call physical. Then the rest 96%; it’s not just the vacuum space, but actually is full of energy.”

We talk about the power of chi and how to integrate a qigong practice. You’ll also learn how you can use energy and movement to heal your body, mind and emotions. Master Mingtong brings a lightness and joy to the show. He’s quick to laugh and takes you through live examples of breathing and sound healing exercises that boosts your energy.

“You have the same capacity, not only to access the energy, but to master your own energy,” Master Mingtong says. “This is one of way framing your life purpose. And one way of literally upgrading ourselves as human beings.”

Born and raised in China, Master Mingtong Gu received extensive Qigong training under Grandmaster Pang at the largest Qigong medicine-less hospital in China. He was named The Qigong Master of the Year by the World Congress for Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine. He leads retreats and workshops throughout the United States and internationally.

He founded the Chi Center, a 79-acre retreat center south of Santa Fe. The Chi Center presents retreats, workshops and online learning programs, including a professional certification program for Qigong teachers and health professionals. He’s most interested in working with energy to open people’s hearts and human capacity.

“Mastering your own energy is inseparable from cultivating or connecting the energy of the earth, energy of the universe and the energy interacting with the other phenomenon, including interpersonal relationship,” he says. “But when you’re approaching [life] in a more cheerful way, somehow things that flow much more effectively.”

More about Master Mingtong:

  • He’s the author of key books and the Pure Qi Online series that translate the ancient teachings of Wisdom Healing Qigong for today’s world.
  • He’s on faculty for Esalen Institute, Omega Institute, 1440 Multiversity, Spirit Rock Meditation Center, and the Shift Network.
  • He’s presented at Institute of Noetic Science (IONS), Wisdom 2.0, US Journal Training, PBS, and the Festival of Faiths. Additionally, he’s spoken at VISA, GOOGLE, Mile Hi, and the Energy Psychology Conference.

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Master Your Energy to Transform Your Life – Master Mingtong Gu with Dave Asprey – #833


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Key Notes

  • Mingtong and he is a widely acknowledged Qigong master, who’s based in Santa Fe – 1:31
  • There’s some way we can scientifically approaching something, which you classified as mystical in the past. And that is exciting time. Very exciting.  – 5:24
  • I’m here to master my energy, master my life. And I want to share that message with everyone. You have the same capacity, not only to access the energy, but to master your own energy, I feel like this is one of way framing your life purpose.  – 8:03
  • You’re also a keynote presenter at the Institute of Noetic Science. You’re on faculty for Esalen and the Omega Institute.  – 9:25
  • As I understand, there’s sort of three things to it. There’s the movement, then there’s the meditation or visualization, and quite often there’s working with a Qigong master who may be doing something to you energetically. Do I have those kind of three buckets?  – 13:23
  • If you change only the physical, then you gradually affecting the emotional, affecting the subtle, like that. So if you change the middle, that is very skillful paths, and that’s the magic of sound vibration. – 16:36
  • How common is it in Qigong for sound to be brought in? – 17:01
  • So this feels like woowoo in the beginning, right? But once you experience the energy, then nothing’s woowoo anymore. So that’s the shift.  – 20:25
  • The internet not only have tons of abandoned information, but more importantly, tons of teaching, tons of guided practice. – 25:06
  • You’re giving away a copy of your ancient secrets book. And guys, I’m sharing that because, hey, if you listen to Bulletproof Radio, you might as well get as much good stuff as you can.  – 27:01
  • Everything is invisible energy. The sun is energy. The tree is energy. The breath is energy. And when you do qigong practice, you naturally feel this presence of energy. Then you feel recharged through the practice.  – 30:25
  • How much time per day is the minimum necessary to do that? I know you’re going to hate this question. That’s why I’m asking it.  – 31:14
  • Connectedness with the earth and with the plant kingdom, it goes across shamanic practices around the world. And almost any energetic practice, it’s always there.  – 35:46
  • The three is a complete system that can carry you further than just technique, than just whatever, resolve a claim. So that’s the way I navigate.  – 38:07
  • So then I look at deep down in human in the simple level, we have three need. Physical need, mental need, the emotional need. And even this case, spiritual need. And when I involve with the willing qigong, I feel all these four need simultaneously satisfied,  – 42:07
  • Love that. To be happy is our birthright. There’s something else that we know puts you in a flow state and makes you happy. And it’s being of service to others.  – 47:44
  • Sound healing, anybody can do any time, any place, without any limitation of physical conditioning, ages and all our mental limitations sometime. So it’s like you do the sound. Let’s do one actually for a few minutes.  – 50:54



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