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1164. Achieve Deeper Healing with Innovative Light Therapy

Mike McIntyre discusses the transformative potential of photobiomodulation with ARRC LED, discussing its integration with frequency medicine and the profound health benefits it offers.

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

We’re previewing the 10th annual Biohacking Conference in Dallas, Texas, (May 30 – June 1) on The Human Upgrade! 

Mike McIntyre and ARRC are pioneering advancements at the intersection of frequency medicine and light therapy. By utilizing photons of light to carry therapeutic frequencies, their approach, known as photobiomodulation, opens new doors to enhancing health and meditative states. This technology not only enhances physical wellbeing but also elevates spiritual and mental health, establishing it as a cornerstone of innovative wellness practices. 

In this episode, explore the cutting-edge applications of photobiomodulation showcased at the Biohacking Conference. Attendees will experience firsthand how ARRC’s light therapy technologies can transform their health by harnessing the power of light frequencies to stimulate cellular repair and enhance meditative practices, offering a glimpse into the future of holistic health enhancement. 


"From the spiritual standpoint, that creates a different attitude. It does. I believe that we literally can create systems that can change consciousness."


  • (00:01) Introduction to the Biohacking Conference and its offerings. 
  • (01:12) Mike McIntyre’s journey into photobiomodulation and the foundation of ARRC. 
  • (01:55) Technological advances in light therapy and its growing impact. 
  • (02:46) How light therapy supports spiritual and meditative enhancements. 
  • (04:08) The science of frequencies: How they modify health and consciousness. 
  • (06:02) Discussing the quantum and informational impact of light on health. 
  • (08:20) Personal transformations and testimonials from light therapy users. 
  • (10:36) Practical applications and session specifics for new users at the conference. 
  • (12:04) Remarkable user experiences and the power of light therapy in healing. 
  • (14:29) Broader implications of light therapy in modern health practices. 
  • (16:55) Safety profiles, side effects, and optimal usage of light therapy. 
  • (18:37) Invitation to experience ARRC technology firsthand at the Biohacking Conference.


Enjoy the show!


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