Blood Sugar is the Power Energy in Your Video Game Life – Dr. Molly Maloof with Dave Asprey – #706

Molly Maloof, M.D.
Manage healthy strategies to extend your lifespan: continuous glucose monitoring, fasting, mitochondrial health, metabolism, movement and your stress response.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, I got to talk with Dr. Molly Maloof about why she wants to bring continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) to the masses and how it can optimize nutrition and health.

CGM is the ultimate lifestyle biomarker. “I don’t think CGM should be a prescription device,” Dr, Molly says.  “I think the information about your body should not be behind a pharmacist’s desk. It’s absurd that you have to ask your doctor for information about yourself.”

Her goal is to maximize human potential by radically extending human health span through personal health technologies, scientific wellness and educational media. Dr. Molly teaches a course at Stanford University on strategies for extending health span for longer lifespan. Her concierge medical practice is oriented around optimizing health and improving mitochondrial function.

“It is not acceptable that we are getting so sick so young and we need to ask ourselves ‘what are all the possible causes,’ ” she says. “A lot of it does have to do with how we eat, how we live, how we breathe.” EMFs are in the mix, too.

Dr. Molly’s aim is to redesign the healthcare system by reducing medicine prescriptions and implementing healthy lifestyle principles, like fasting.

“We’re designed to be fasting most of the time,” she says. “We’re not designed to be eating all the time, We have the genetics of scarcity and so abundance is actually damaging to health. Food is fundamental to health. If your food is wrong, your fuel is wrong, you’re screwed.”

She’s a passionate evangelist, empowering advocate and visionary futurist who is pioneering new approaches to personal health. “This is the whole crux of what biohacking is about, right? Like having to hack a system because it won’t give you what you want, why can’t people learn about their bodies? What’s wrong with that?”

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Follow Along with the Transcript

Blood Sugar is the Power Energy in Your Video Game Life – Dr. Molly Maloof with Dave Asprey – #706

Adaptive-Iq (Dr. Molly Maloof, founder):

Key Notes

  • How do you know what the future looks like 5:25
  • Why the health span messaging is broken 10:22
  • Obsessed with glucose metabolism 12:27
  • What cells in the body have the highest concentration of mitochondria 13:15
  • Mitochondria theory of aging 14:55
  • Impact sleep has on blood sugar 16:52
  • Not knowing what foods can cause blood sugar spikes 18:32
  • The dangers in EMFs 20:20
  • Some doctors are practicing out-of-date medicine 31:22
  • Managed care vs. managing health 34:30
  • Every hallmark of aging is able to be reversed through exercise 36:30
  • How a body can became more metabolically flexible 40:43
  • Dave’s three months of zero carbs 43:21
  • If you feed your gut bacteria without raising your blood sugar, are you still fasting? 45:47
  • Prebiotics and probiotics 50:33
  • There are two ways to damage your mitochondria 55:44

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