Kick Veggies to the Curb and Go Full Carnivore – Dr. Paul Saladino #621

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Dr. Paul Saladino is a certified functional medicine practitioner who says yes to meat and no to plants.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, I’m talking with a medical doctor who says you don’t have to eat your vegetables. Literally.

“We have been in this arms race with plants as humans for millions of years,” says Dr. Paul Saladino. “Plants are out to get us. They don’t want us to eat them.”

Dr. Saladino is a certified functional medicine practitioner in San Diego who focuses on in-depth study of human behavior and diseases. His journey through healthcare has been quite varied. He was a practicing physician’s assistant in the field of cardiology for a number of years, then went on to earn a medical degree. He also obtained a functional medicine certification and recently completed a psychiatric residency.

Dr. Saladino’s work promotes the use of science-based information to deeply understand the root causes of illness and provide individualized care that goes beyond traditional pharmacological treatments. “That’s really led me to some strange and wild jungle holes of thought,” he admits.

He’s also passionate about researching connections between nutritional biochemistry and chronic disease, and the benefits of a Carnivore Diet. He believes that inflammation and autoimmune diseases are linked. “What we’re dealing with in Western medicine is a tidal wave of chronic inflammation,” he says, “a tidal wave of autoimmunity.”

For the curious among you, this conversation explores a lot of “whys,” such as:

  • Why our human bodies are designed for nose-to-tail animal consumption
  • Why you feel great eating raw meat
  • Why animal liver is a superfood
  • Why plant molecules don’t play nice with human biology
  • Why high-protein diets are terrible
  • Why you’re cooking your bacon wrong if you can hear it sizzling
  • Why you should consider putting the brakes on your grilling

Listen on for a different perspective on how to ditch plants and amp up your meat: “I think what’s cool is to be able to deliver knowledge that creates power leveraging this for better health outcomes,” Dr. Saladino says.

Enjoy the show!

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Follow Along with the Transcript

Kick Veggies to the Curb and Go Full Carnivore-Paul Saladino #621


Twitter: @MdSaladino
Instagram: @paulsaladinomd

Key Notes

  • The new definition of empty calories 00:08:00
  • We have been in an arms race with plants of millions of years 00:15:30
  • The “go outside and find a plant and eat it” test 00:18:30
  • Pros and Cons of Raw liver 00:23:00
  • “Bacon is easy to fix” 00:31:30
  • Don’t overeat protein 00:35:55
  • Is low insulin a problem on a carnivore diet? 00:43:00
  • Fatty streaking in muscle meat 00:53:30
  • Red Meat lengthens telomeres 01:14:15
  • Is there an animal you shouldn’t eat? 01:19:15
  • Bigger Ideas:
  • How Paul fuelled his PCT hike 00:06:30
  • Autoimmunity is chronic inflammation 00:12:30
  • Should you cook your meat? 00:21:00
  • Avoid overcooking, smoking and grilling meat 00:26:30
  • Why you should avoid dairy 00:30:20
  • Nose to tail carnivore diet 00:39:10
  • Protein’s effect on fasting glucose 00:41:00
  • What classes of plant toxins are the worst? 00:45:55
  • Are mycotoxins a legitimate concern? 00:50:15
  • Why thallium is an issue 00:58:15
  • What is TMAO? 01:04:20
  • Meat, prebiotics and fibre 01:11:20
  • Should you worry about ferritin? 01:15:00

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