It’s Not Dementia, It’s Distraction: Dr. Peter Attia #493

Dr. Peter Attia is a Physician focusing on longevity.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, Dave Asprey and Dr. Attia talk about what it takes to make it past 100, and still have your wits about you.

Enjoy the show!

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It’s Not Dementia, It’s Distraction: Dr. Peter Attia # 493

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  • “Centenarians get the same diseases the rest of us get, and they’d actually die in almost the same distribution, although they get slightly more heart disease and slightly less cancer.” -Peter
  • “Step one, if you wanna live to be 180 or reserve the right to play that game is do everything in your power to avoid the onset of atherosclerosis, which means sort of anything that predisposes you to heart disease or stroke, anything that predisposes you to cancer or Alzheimer’s Disease, ’cause those are, statistically speaking, along with accidents as you pointed out, kind of for most people who make it to 40 who don’t smoke, those are more likely to be your downfalls.” -Peter
  • “And I, my view is, just being a relatively unsophisticated longevity guy, unsophisticated in that all I talk about is the basic, you know, blocking and tackling of food, and exercise, and sleep, and stress management, and drugs, and supplements, nothing really unheard of in that tool space. The goal is can you generate even that extra 10 to 15 years above business as usual. ‘Cause it might be that period of time is what’s necessary to allow you to be around for the step function.” -Peter
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