EP 493

493. It’s Not Dementia, It’s Distraction: Dr. Peter Attia

Dr. Peter Attia, renowned physician focusing on the science of longevity, joins Dave Asprey to dissect the nuances of aging, the role of exercise and diet in cognitive function, and the importance of integrating various disciplines to optimize human performance. 

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

In this riveting conversation, Dr. Peter Attia dives into the complexities of what it takes to live a longer, healthier life. From the intricacies of genetic predispositions to the impact of diet and exercise, Dr. Attia provides a masterclass on longevity. Dave Asprey and Dr. Attia discuss the potential of intranasal insulin, the art of optimizing cognitive function, and how to make sense of the overwhelming amount of health data available. They also explore the societal epidemic of distraction and its effect on brain health. 

“When it comes to longevity and cognitive function, it's not just genetics—it's about managing metabolism, vascular health, and exposure to toxins.”


(00:00:09) Introduction to the Guest and Episode  

  • Dave Asprey introduces Dr. Peter Attia  
  • Cool fact of the day about music mind meld  


(00:01:00) The Phenomenon of Brain Synchronization with Live Music 

  • Study on delta brainwaves and audience experience 
  • Implications for social interactions and collective experiences  


(00:01:44) Dr. Peter Attia’s Background and Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Health 

  • Journey from mechanical engineering to medicine 
  • Peter’s unique perspective on health as an integration of various fields  


(00:03:01) Dr. Attia’s Thoughts on Longevity and the 180-Year Life Goal 

  • The probability of significant advances in longevity science 
  • Importance of managing metabolic health and atherosclerosis for long-term health.  


(00:05:22) Discussing the Next Breakthroughs in Longevity 

  • Potential of manipulating the TOR pathway 
  • Challenges in reprogramming senescent cells and targeting atherosclerosis.  


(00:10:42) Preventative Strategies for Prolonged Healthspan 

  • Managing inflammation and avoiding chronic diseases 
  • The importance of cardiovascular and metabolic health in aging. 


(00:16:52) The Role of Lipoproteins and Inflammation in Longevity 

  • Dr. Attia’s approach to evaluating and treating cardiovascular risk factors. 
  • The delicate balance between lowering LDL and maintaining cognitive health. 


(00:22:19) The Complexity of Biological Systems in Health Optimization 

  • The limitations of our current understanding in biology 
  • Applying engineering principles to biological problems 


(00:25:16) Risk Stratification for Longevity 

  • The role of family history and blood tests in assessing long-term health risks 
  • Strategies for mitigating the most probable health threats. 


(00:27:54) The Intricacies of Cholesterol and Heart Disease 

  • Discussion on the nuances of cholesterol types and their role in health 
  • Peter’s stance on the relationship between cholesterol and diet 


(00:34:16) The Interplay of Neurodegenerative Diseases and Cholesterol 

  • Challenges in optimizing cholesterol levels without increasing other health risks 
  • How metabolic health impacts cognitive function. 


(00:40:47) The Effects of Dietary Changes on Health and Cognition 

  • Peter’s experience with veganism and its impact on health 
  • The importance of dietary flexibility and genetic predispositions 


(00:43:10) Insights on Gut Biome Sequencing and Health Interventions 

  • Limitations and potential of gut biome sequencing for health improvements 
  • Dr. Attia’s skepticism and hope for future advancements 


(00:47:39) Enhancing Cognitive Function and Protecting Against Decline 

  • The correlation between optimizing metabolism and vascular health and cognitive function 
  • Strategies for delaying cognitive impairment and enhancing brain performance. 


(00:50:18) The Benefits and Risks of Exogenous Ketones for Brain Health 

  • Dave and Peter discuss their experiences with ketone supplementation 
  • The potential for exogenous ketones to support cognitive function 



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Enjoy the show!


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