Body Out of Balance? Bring it Back to Harmony with Chinese Herbal Medicine – Chloe Weber with Dave Asprey – #737

Chinese Medicine looks for underlying patterns of disharmony with a focus on preventing disease from forming. Radical Roots updates classic herbal formulas for modern life.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, my guest, Chloe Weber, L.Ac, MSOM, is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist who’s also co-founder and CEO of Radical Roots Herbs.

She’s on a mission to expand the reach of Chinese herbology and bring ancient healing into the modern world.

You’ll learn a lot in this episode, I know I did! Chloe has taken what has been known to work over thousands of years of Chinese Medicine practice and adapted traditional formulas to conditions people are experiencing today.

“In Chinese medicine, instead of having a one-to-one correlation between a symptom and a cure, we’re looking at the dynamic interplay of the body,” Chloe says. “So, we look at the body as a microcosm of the macrocosm. Everything that we see in nature, we use to describe the actions in what’s going on in the body.”

“The same as with herbs,” she continues. “We’re really looking at the whole plant and how it’s inter-playing with the body. And then, instead of just doing one herb, we’re using different herbs together to create a formula so that we cannot only address the branch, which are the symptoms, but we can address the root, so we can really get to the underlying health issues.”

Chloe developed an interest in public health and medicine after being diagnosed with cutaneous leishmaniasis as a teen. Her background in Ecology and Evolutionary biology in college led her to understand how diseases evolve and the deep connection between humans and our environment. She was drawn to Chinese medicine as a way to address public health issues.

She earned a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine and also studied at Heilongjiang University Hospital in Harbin, China. Chloe co-founded a non-profit, sliding-scale, walk-in Chinese herb clinic in Denver, eventually transitioning into private practice. There, she developed a deep interest in functional medicine and co-founded Radical Roots.

Her work with patients has had striking commonalities.

“One thing that’s interesting and that I love about Chinese medicine because, as a clinician and as a human, I’ve seen a lot that the gut is really the foundation of health,” Chloe says. “It’s the school of thought that basically says that digestion is the root of all illness and the root of all health and vitality.”

She’s also leaned on Chinese herbs to address her son’s health, while extensively studying integrative neurology. Now 6, Remy was diagnosed at age two-and-a-half with a one-in-20-million genetic disorder called STXBP1. “You definitely know you’re in a shitshow if your child has a one in 20 million genetic disorder named after the gene that’s mutated,” Chloe says. “We’ve had to go really outside of the box when it comes to treating him.”

Herb use in Chinese Medicine is an ancient and diverse way of healing. Enjoy this interesting episode!

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Key Notes

  • How Chloe started into Chinese Medicine. – 1:50
  • Everything that we see in nature, we use to describe the actions in what’s going on in the body. – 5:35
  • We’re not looking for a disease state, we’re really focused on trying to prevent disease from forming. – 11:26
  • Some of the pulse masters are just absolutely insane – 13:19
  • I hear you put Chinese herbs in coffee? – 17:33
  • Are you an expert in plum pathology? – 20;02
  • The Radical Roots herbs that you put together are probably the smartest way to mitigate plant toxins. – 21:12
  • Chinese medicine definitely frowns upon cold food. – 22:03
  • Middle Management, is based off a formula that has been used for hundreds and hundreds of years to strengthen the spleen, support digestive function. – 23:17
  • We use an alchemical spagyric extraction technique, so it’s also a 4,000-year-old extraction technique. – 27:48
  • We can look at it from the wu wu aspect of it, but we can also look at all the pharmacological actions of each of these herbs. – 28:35
  • Artemisinin is a drug that we’ve created for malaria, and that’s based off a Chinese herb called qing hao. – 31:22
  • You have Wind Shield, which I’m assuming that’s for flatulent people?What is the concept of wind? And why would you want to shield from it? – 32:28
  • In Chinese medicine, as I said, we’re trying to work with the body’s underlying systems to make sure that your body is in harmony and functioning as optimally as possible – 35:21
  • Your Flow State stuff does have stuff that raises BDNF, can I take it before bed? – 36:55
  • Which is better? Putting all of the herbs in the already ground coffee? Or exposing herbs to hotter water when you’re steeping them? – 40:04
  • People with rare conditions have to team up with other people who have it, otherwise no one’s going to pay attention to you. – 42:28
  • I truly believe that if I’m able to clear out his gut his seizures will go away because there’s never a time that he has seizures that he doesn’t have a GI issue  – 43:41
  • There’s some research that’s been coming out on using gamma brain frequencies in order to break out amyloid plaques in Alzheimer’s. – 47:34
  • My child, his body is brilliant, just like all of ours, and there are ways that we can support it to function more optimally. – 51:37

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