Detox / Recovery

Vibrant Blue Oils

This natural, easy, non-invasive remedy has helped thousands regain focus, boost energy, drop pounds and reduce stress!

Chilly GOAT Cold Tubs

Designed in collaboration with the GOAT himself, Michael Phelps, Chilly GOAT Cold Tubs are designed for those who want more for themselves.


SaunaSpace combines cutting-edge infrared technology with nature’s ancient wisdom to help you find relief.


Wellness is within reach. Your health and wellness are important to you. You want to feel better so you can do more and live fully. We live to help others experience the health transformations we have by bringing our nature-inspired wellness technology to people everywhere. The magic of our patented SoloCarbon® infrared sauna is in the science.


ARRC LED’s technology has been called “Light Years ahead of the market” for full body photobiomodulation pods. With pulsing capabilities to 200,000 hertz on our Max and 400,000 hz on ATP and Elysium, that is absolutely true. No company comes remotely close. With 3 chromophore targets, shaped by that frequency, no company comes close. With Quantum Imprinting Codes on every machine, even our base Max, no company comes close.

True Light

We have deep roots and a great understanding of helping people decipher between healthy light and harmful light for better living. With that said, one of our key goals is to help people live in harmony with modern technology and lifestyles. That’s why all TrueLight® devices, utilities and accessories are backed by science and patents to ensure their effectiveness, reliability and safety.

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