Biohack Your Voice for Better Communication Instantly – Roger Love with Dave Asprey – #752

Roger Love
93% of people’s perceptions of you are based on the sound of your voice. Learn the fundamentals of communication and connection from a master voice coach.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, you’re going to find out just how much your voice influences your life. People make value judgments about you within three seconds of hearing your voice. You may not even realize how much it’s affecting your career or your personal relationships.

So, we’re going to biohack your voice! I’ve invited Roger Love on the show because he’s one of the world’s leading authorities on vocal sound. I’ve been working with him myself and have learned so much about how I breathe and how my nervous system works.

“Singing and speaking is basically the exact same thing,” Roger says. “When you sing, you have control over pitch, how high or how low you go, pace, how fast or how slow you go. Melody: does it go up like this or does it go down like this? Volume and tone matter. Singers and speakers actually have the same ingredients like great chefs have. It’s about how you mix those ingredients.”

In his 30 years of voice coaching experience, he’s trained over 130,000 people worldwide, including professional speakers, singers and actors (many who’ve won Grammy and Oscar awards) and professional communicators. Roger has won awards in film coaching credits, most recently for “A Star Is Born” featuring actor. Bradley Cooper, who sang all the songs himself, and Lady Gaga.

Roger combines scientific research with innovative techniques to go beyond simply word-smithing to help people create their own unique “sound” and find their voice.

He goes on to explain that “speaking is actually physically connecting with people because it’s vibrating your body,” Roger says. “If the sounds hit you, they vibrate your body. So those sounds go into the first part of the brain that’s called the amygdala. And the job of the amygdala is to only let things through to the prefrontal cortex if it’s emotional.”

If you make sounds where the melodies, volumes and tonal qualities are emotional, then the amygdala sends it right to the prefrontal cortex, where it gets processed, thought about, felt about and stored into memory and then the person can take action on it.

Super cool to know how our bodies and brains work together to make sense of vocal sounds!

And this matters for you now more than ever, because you spend all day every day, if you work from home, using your voice, in fact, your voice becomes much more important than the grainy video from your webcam most likely. This episode is full of great tips you can start using right away.

Enjoy! And get more resources at Dave.Asprey/podcasts.

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Biohack Your Voice for Better Communication Instantly – Roger Love with Dave Asprey – #752


Key Notes

  • How does one become a voice coach for 30 years to pretty much everyone who sings? How did you do that? – 3:04
  • I realized that singing and speaking is basically the exact same thing. I decided to start taking all of those speakers and then I divided my practice into 50% singers and 50% speakers. – 9:08
  • When you love a song, you love it for two reasons. – 11:18
  • None of us are the voice we were born with. – 16:16
  • The average executive, CEO, doctor, lawyer, professional person, spends 20 minutes recording a voice answering greeting. – 19:10
  • By singing every day for 20 minutes you can increase your life expectancy, eight years. – 20:38
  • If I make sounds, aside from the words that are emotional, if my melodies and my volumes or my tonal qualities are right and they’re emotional, then the amygdala sends it right to the prefrontal cortex. – 22:24
  • Science now says that it’s all about the sound of your voice. That that’s the most revealing thing that you have to connect you with other people. And that’s probably 93%. And the physicality and the words probably make up another seven to 10%. – 25:12
  • How worried am I when I get up to speak? Zero. Because I already know that I’m going to give them love in the form of sounds in the things I teach and they’re going to receive that love and they’re going to give me love back to say, “Thank you so much”. – 32:10
  • John Gray used to tell me that in the 10 min vocal exercises that I gave him, it was like meditation and it took them to the same place that 10 hours of meditating would do. – 36:05
  • I call myself the king of quick fix. – 39:39
  • So how many hacks are there would you say? Is it just 10 of them or is this hundreds and hundreds? – 43:16
  • It seems like for things like job interviews, or if you work in sales or marketing or something, it’d be really important to have good voice control. – 47:35

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