Investing in Life Extension Means Affordable Longevity for Everyone – Sergey Young with Dave Asprey – #715

The Longevity Vision Fund invests in technologies, products, and services that extend healthy human lifespans and decrease negative aging effects.

To My Listeners: I recorded this podcast at the Abundance 360 event at the Beverly Hilton before coronavirus halted travel.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, my guest is Sergey Young, a man who’s determined to cure aging and live to be 200. And he’s bringing one billion people along for the ride. Today’s conversation will change what you think about human lifespan.

He comes at this issue from personal experience. A health scare made him take control of his own healing and realize others could, too–with the right awareness and tools. Simple and effective things that people feel they could actually do and sustain over time. Simply up the education factor to dispel the fear that people often have around life extension.

Sergey also believes that healthy life extension can be affordable and accessible to everyone. From personal solutions to corporate wellness programs.

“Today in society, we have so many dividing things,” Sergey says. “We almost need something which would unite the nation and nations as well, so I think that longevity and extending our healthy and happy life span, just amazing things. But then speaking about affordability and accessibility … the only technologies and companies that we’re investing in should pass the affordability filter.”

Sergey’s work as a longevity investor is finding ways to make this possible by building on his investment expertise, which spans over 20 years.

  • His Longevity Vision Fund funnels $100 million into innovative technology breakthroughs, services and products that make living longer a reality within our reach.
  • He’s an Innovation Board Member at XPRIZE Foundation dedicated to solving the world’s biggest problems.
  • He’s a Development Sponsor of Longevity XPRIZE, a global initiative designed to incentivize the development of technological breakthroughs to cure aging.
  • He’s a Financial Advisory Board Member at APPG for Longevity helping to shape national longevity strategy in the UK.

“We also need to show the hope and opportunity there, but also it is about communicating and it is about creating a sustainable economic model around longevity,” Sergey says.

Listen on to find out how you can be one of the billion people he helps.

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Investing in Life Extension Means Affordable Longevity for Everyone – Sergey Young with Dave Asprey – #715

Longevity Vision
XPRIZE Longevity
Lygenesis (Organ Regeneration):
Freenome (early cancer detection):

Key Notes

  • Sergey’s wake up call. – 1:34
  • The mission of Longevity Vision Fund. – 6:35
  • What is it that drives people to spend a million dollars to cure cancer, but not spend a $100 or $1,000 to prevent it? – 14:33
  • How men and women approach longevity. – 18:41
  • We need to change our stereotypes about aging. – 23:13
  • Every huge technological advance started with some kind of crazy and sometimes not really working thing, – 29:09
  • Create economic model for investing in aging. – 34:10
  • Using a lymph node, kind of like a womb to grow your own new liver? – 35:36

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