Stress Takes More Than it Gives: Ways to Adapt and Get Stronger – Siim Land with Dave Asprey – #724

When stress pulls your body out of balance right down to the mitochondria, reset with nutrition, energy and mindset hacks.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, stress takes center stage. All of us are experiencing stress to some degree. From small stressors like life’s petty annoyances to big stressors like a pandemic, financial uncertainty and unrest in our communities.

Stress can embed itself in our bodies and minds, and really mess us up. That’s why I wanted to have Siim Land back on the show. He’s researched the science behind stress and how to hack it in his new book: Stronger By Stress: Adapt to Beneficial Stressors to Improve Your Health and Strengthen the Body.

Siim is an author and speaker from Estonia who helps people improve their health and performance with biohacks. The first time he was on the show, we went all in on metabolic autophagy and intermittent fasting. I wanted to have him back on the show to talk about how to leverage stress adaptation for increased resilience and longevity.

“You need some small amounts of stress for the body to adapt to it, and especially the mitochondria to also become stronger from the stress,” Siim says. “Mitohormesis describes that where the mitochondria are just adapting to distress in a hormetic dose, like too much is bad, but too little is also bad. So, the sweet spot is somewhere in the middle.”

You can’t have physical stress adaptations without an accompanying mindset.

“Mindset is the very foundational aspect to being able to adapt to stress,” Siim says. “Because if you create this fear around stress, like hysteria and panic about stress, then you’re never going to do some of those things that may be beneficial for you as well. You need to have some small amount of discomfort in your life in order to maintain a beneficial hormetic adaptation.”

You’re going to learn how to recognize stress, identify what it’s doing to your body and mind, and then apply skills to manage and adapt to it.

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Stress Takes More than it Gives- Ways to Adapt and Get Stronger – Siim Land with Dave Asprey – #724

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Book: “Metabolic Autophagy: Practice Intermittent Fasting and Resistance Training to Build Muscle and Promote Longevity”

Key Notes

  • Stress makes you stronger, is this a core part of Estonian belief systems? – 2:24
  • In the past, those beneficial stressors were already woven into our everyday life  – 4:39
  • Stress is by definition a disruption in the body’s homeostasis, and the homeostasis is the balance or the equilibrium where your body is functioning at its optimal state  – 6:40
  • Hans Selye, he created this term adaptation energy to describe the body’s resource or the organism’s resources to cope with stress. – 13:06
  • There might be certain specific nutrients or specific types of energy that you need to deal with certain stress. – 16:03
  • So what is a plan hormetic and are they good? – 20:14
  • Organic and wild plants are inherently more beneficial because they have been stressed out. 24:25
  • Tell me what your take on hormesis and stoicism is  – 31:22
  • We don’t have these challenges in our everyday life anymore. And we don’t have nutritional challenges, and we don’t have environmental challenges. – 36:40
  • Mindset is the very foundational aspect to being able to adapt to stress  – 39:54
  • mTOR is sensible to nutrients. So the more often you eat, the more mTOR stimulation you have  – 43:03
  • If you’re constantly in a soup of EMF, then your body never has the opportunity to adapt and recover from it  – 55:05

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