Inner Programming Hacks from the Queen of Poo – Suzy Batiz with Dave Asprey – #711

Dig deep into the consciousness of your inner programming, strip away patterns that hold you back, and kickstart some awesome in your life.

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In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, you’ll find out how my guest built an empire by challenging societal norms after rising from life’s lowest lows by following an “alive” idea.  Suzy Batiz is a serial creator and expert in entrepreneurial intuition who’s best known as the founder of PooPourri, the all-natural before-you-go toilet spray.

Suzy teaches people to tune into intuition and turn on their body intelligence to achieve a naturally abundant flow state. She also biohacks her own consciousness to tap into her creativity. We’re going to talk about the ways she defies, liberates, and transforms—and teaches others to do the same—in businesses and in life.

“We can go back in, we can reprogram our subconscious mind, which is actually the birthplace of those original, that bad, well, old code, let’s call it old code,” Suzy says. “Because it’s not bad code because it was written for survival. But we can actually change that code and then we can start creating a different reality based on that new change. It’s really programming. I call it biohacking consciousness, but it’s actually reprogramming.”

From failure to process to managing crisis, Suzy’s refreshingly candid perspective will give you something to think about.

Light It Up: “Prior to [age] 38 was push, push, grind, grind, going towards something that I thought was actually going to make me happy,” Suzy says. “It was going to make me whole and complete. And then after the second bankruptcy, when I bottomed out, I was able to really look back and face myself. Now, what I say is, what’s worse than losing everything you have, is realizing you didn’t even have a good time doing it.” … “at least if the rug gets pulled out from underneath me again, I could look back and say I had a great time.”

Lean Out: “It’s easy for a company to get fat and all these processes and processes and processes,” Suzy says. “I’m a renegade, I’m a rebel, and we have so many processes, everything becomes slow and I’m always about keeping as many processes as we need, but not too many.” … “When you’re small and nimble and flexible, you can move quickly like that. The big guys can’t do that and that’s our advantage is the speed and agility.”

Consider Crisis:  “You don’t have to know what you’re doing, but also if you don’t like figuring stuff out, really question if you want to be an entrepreneur,” Suzy says. “If it doesn’t turn you on to solve these problems and be in crisis after crisis after crisis and don’t even go there.”]

Could Be Ayahuasca: “I don’t believe plant medicines by themselves,” Suzy says. “I believe they show you, they kick the door open, but you have to come back and actually do the integration work. Do the real life work like the amends, just because you’ve done the thing you need to apologize for.”

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Inner Programming Hacks from the Queen of Poo – Suzy Batiz with Dave Asprey – #711


Book: The WOO of POO: Change Your Life In The Time You Take a Sh*t

Key Notes

  • By the time I was 38 in my second bankruptcy. – 4:10
  • It was a book called Man’s Search for Meaning. So, I read this book and I’m like, “Huh.” – 4:56
  • You feel like you’re at the biggest bottom that you have. – 6:40
  • All of my tough times really created what I call the figure out or muscle where I can get myself out of most any situation with creativity. – 13:30
  • You really believe heavily in piecing it together from external things whenever possible with a core team of kind of glue. – 20:02
  • If it improves our life and it’s so much better improvement than what’s out there, then go for it. – 21:55
  • That’s what I try to tell entrepreneurs is don’t stop at good, make it great. – 22:18
  • What is the difference between consciousness and thinking? And is there one? – 25:10
  • I happen to be financially wealthy now, but I also know where wealth comes from. – 26:24
  • I was programming myself through my experiences that life is hard. And then it never works out. – 28:17
  • No one ever told me that I could be part of what was creating the problems in my life. – 28:32
  • A book by Byron Katie called Loving What Is. – 33:09
  • That’s when I started realizing that my beliefs were creating my suffering. So that was the first aha. It was like, “Hold on.” – 33:51
  • I knew where wealth came from. I was wealthy and I had no money.  – 34:17
  • Suzy: Do everything, do anything and everything you can because your programs are deep and they’re old. – 35:46
  • I want to continue growing and learning. I am okay with the hard path. – 43:12
  • What’s my internal, what do I want to do? What do I want to do for the rest of my life? – 49:21
  • What I realize is there is no difference in being in an ayahuasca ceremony than there is in life that I’m always in ceremony. That’s when the worlds all started merging. – 54:33
  • You have to come back and actually do the integration work. – 58:05

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