Your 12 Days of Bulletproof: Podcast Roundup 2014

biohacker's holiday gift guide

The holidays are here!

Regardless of which winter holiday you celebrate, if any, now is the time to celebrate and reflect on this last year as it comes to a close.

It’s also the time to take a break from work and catch up on what you missed. Below you’ll find the top 12 podcasts of 2014 and the chance to win a Year of Free coffee to one Bulletproof Radio fan…

After two years and almost 200 episodes, it’s amazing to be celebrating 10 million Bulletproof Radio downloads with you! 

Don’t miss our 2014 recap episode via Bulletproof Radio on December 30th, and take a minute now to download the 12 most popular podcasts of the year before you get into the car for your road trip:

  1. Tim Ferriss #127: On Smart Drug Performance and Biohacking
  2. Peter Sage #123: On Passion and Purpose
  3. Steven Kotler #109: On Reaching Your Flow State
  4. Nina Teicholz #149: On Saturated Fats and the Science of Fat
  5. Kelly Starrett #156: On Systems Thinking, Movement, and Running
  6. Dr. Jeffrey Bland #139: On the Disease Delusion
  7. Sara Gottfried #108: On the Hormone Cure
  8. Tom Corley #118: On the Habits of Wealthy Individuals
  9. Dr. Ben Lynch #157: On the MTHFR Condition and Dangers of Folic Acid
  10. Dr. Terry Wahls #120: On Mitochondria Health
  11. Arianna Huffington #133: On How to Thrive
  12. BP Radio Q&A #130: Frequently Asked Questions About Bulletproof with Dave Asprey


10 Millionth Download Contest: Win A Year of Free Bulletproof Coffee


One lucky listener can receive a *Year* of Free Bulletproof Coffee and a social media shout out. Judges will pick a winner based on the social interaction and response of your story. The wider reach, the better! 

Between now and 11:59pm on Tuesday, December 30th, please share your favorite Bulletproof Radio episode with friends and family via social media. Include a link to your favorite show on the Bulletproof blog and write a short story about how that particular episode helped upgrade your life! Then, screenshot the social interaction you created and the story and send it to along with your full name and email address for a chance to WIN!

Happy holidays – and happy hacking – from me and the whole Bulletproof team!

2743534799_e1c988d6be_zGot more time to catch up on top hits of the year?


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