Get Moving! Align Your Body, Align Your Life

Aaron Alexander

Integrating the right alignment and movement practices into your life uplevels your physical, emotional and mental health.


In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

Body movement expert Aaron Alexander joins the show to talk about how to integrate healthy movement practices into your daily life.

You’ve likely heard that sitting is the new smoking – well, good news: It’s not the sitting itself, but how you sit, that affects your well-being. In fact, all the ways you hold your body and move your body matters. Body language and how you move through space tells others how comfortable you are, how truthful and trustworthy you are, and more.

Most people have built up body movement around a collapse state, which can lead to physical and emotional pain. Aaron spent years traveling the world, discovering how other cultures defined and measured health and studying movement behaviors. He found that the healthiest cultures incorporate aligned movement and sitting styles into their day-to-day activity.

Take walking for example. “When you’re out taking a walk, it’s like you are literally playing symphony of your physiology,” he says. “Walking is one of the healthiest things that a person can do–just going out and getting yourself into that contralateral motion, contralateral being just like walking pattern. As you’re doing that, you’re stimulating your brain function, you’re also stimulating things like peristalsis and digestion and organ function.”

The way that we breathe is indicative of our mental, emotional and physiological state. The way that we walk, the way that we use our eyes–so we're always communicating and it's just such a rich conversation.”

Aaron Alexander

Aaron is a manual therapist, using movement techniques inspired by yoga, martial arts, chiropractic skills and more. He also hosts the popular Align Podcast, and wrote  “The Align Method: A Modern Movement Guide for a Stronger Body, Sharper Mind, and Stress-Proof Life,” which shares the tools you need to reshape your environment for enhanced creativity and longevity.

Healthy movement incorporating play and adaptability enhances creativity, resilience and creates a healthy nervous system. During the show, Aaron goes over the five daily movements to integrate into your life and how to get started in a productive, gentle and playful way.

“Your body is so darn adaptable that if it’s just a matter of you need to give it a baseline of the raw components to be healthy,” Aaron says. “If for a moment you’re slouching over a chair, I love that. There’s no problem with that, it’s the repetition of that. If for a movement you’re looking into a wall or into a blue light or whatever, you’re not going to just explode.”

Enjoy the show!

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  • Albert Mehrabian, you might have heard of, previously came up with a principal called the 55-38-7 principle.  – 5:46
  • The way that we breathe is indicative of our mental, emotional, physiological state, the way that we walk, the way that we use our eyes, so we’re always communicating and it’s just such a rich conversation, I’m so excited to write a book about it.  – 7:07
  • If you were to be able to take an image of yourself or a video of yourself, you might see yourself just like in that study within prisons where you’re like, “Oh my God, I’m expressing as a victim.”  – 9:17
  • So you’re sitting down on a chair, your ankles, your hips, your knees everything’s just at that static 90 degree angle, doesn’t really go beyond that and you’re probably maybe a little hunched forward, your pelvis is probably wrapped underneath in that posterior tilted position which if there was a dog that was in trouble. – 12:32
  • How do you describe a functional movement coach? What are the things that go into that?  – 19:42
  • How do you describe a functional movement coach? What are the things that go into that?  – 24:01
  • The baseline of The Align Method is really putting like in like the heuristics or really simplistic terms of how do we just the baseline principles of how to effectively drive the body.  – 26:46
  • He found that 99% of the people that he was going to treat for shoulder impingement syndrome and was actually going to conduct a surgery with them, he found that he could treat them just by bringing them back into their arboreal tendencies bringing them back into the place of just getting the arms up over the head. – 31:54
  • I’m going to follow all the principles in The Align Method, I’m going to do whatever I should do every day for maximum results.” How much time would it take me to do that?  – 35:01
  • I can go back and forth between a stress state, a good stress state and a calm, restful, digesting, restorative state just by toggling the way that I breathe, the way that I use my eyes and there’re other toggles as well.  – 40:24
  • How much of the emergence of Align method came from studying with masters versus working with clients?  – 47:15
  • You have a morning practice in The Align Method and you have an evening practice. And in the evening practice, you said sleep on your side or your back and the sleep on your side the best in a stack position.  – 56;09
  • There there’s value in putting yourself in situations that causes your body to naturally move.  – 01:01:40

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