Organic Revolution: Kimbal Musk’s Mission to Take Down Big Food # 504

How to nourish yourself, and your community.

Kimbal Musk is restauranteur and philanthropist. His personal mission is to pursue an America where everyone has access to real food.

Kimbal has been named a Global Social Entrepreneur by the World Economic Forum. He is the Co-Founder of three businesses with real food missions that are rapidly scaling across the US.

Dave Asprey and Kimbal sit down for a meal in Denver at one of Kimbal’s farm to table restaurants and talk about disruption from the ground up.

Enjoy the show!

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Affordable Organic: Kimbal Musk’s Quest To Disrupt Big Food # 504


Big Green
Square Roots
The Kitchen Bistros
YouTube Real Food for Everyone (TEDx Chicago)

Show Notes

  • Making food for wealthy people? 00:08:21
  • Nourish your body and the farmer 00:13:13
  • The big Monsanto lie 00:18:18
  • Eliminating trash from a large restaurant 00:31:06
  • Instead of teaching kids about food 00:33:44
  • Three colourful meals per day 00:44:35
  • Disrupting big food 00:11:47
  • Eliminating trash from a large restaurant 00:31:06
  • Teaching science to kids through growing food 00:32:19
  • Urban farming practices 00:37:05

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