4 Dimensions All Entrepreneurs Must Master – Alon Braun with Dave Asprey, Part 2 – #842

Don’t go it alone on the entrepreneurial journey. Making your vision a reality requires collaboration.

This is Part 2 of Alon Braun’s Bulletproof Radio episode. We talk about entrepreneurship, how to make your vision a reality and how to be a great leader. Alon is the author of “The Entrepreneur’s Journey: 8 Steps from Inspiration to Global Impact,” and a mentor, teacher and leader for entrepreneurs.

In his book, he separates the world into four dimensions: internal world, external world, individual and collective. He says in order to fully craft your vision (whatever that may be) and be the best person to represent that, you need to do work in all four spaces.

  • To be receptive to inspiration, you need to work on your internal world.
  • Opening yourself to the art of expressing and all forms of collaboration, represents the external world.
  • To work within the individual realm, you need to align yourself to the identity of entrepreneur.
  • Finally, work to make sure everyone on your team is collaborating as a collective.

Learning about all of these worlds is essential to entrepreneurship, Alon says.  “We need to balance, it’s all an act of balance between all these forces, and this is why I built the framework. The framework guides you step-by-step.”

Alon also explains how to market your products, build trust, center mindfulness in your work, and most importantly, how you can’t do this process alone.

“Just walk with somebody that’s been there already,” Alon says. “Don’t be so arrogant to think that you’re inventing the wheel. Get an advisor that’s been through the journey before you. It’s okay,” says Alon. “That’s the way you get experience.” …  “You need the best. You need to find who are the best teachers, you need to find the best courses, and that’s the work for every CEO.”

If you want to learn more about how you can be a productive, engaging, successful and creative leader of any kind, you’ll get a lot out of this episode

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4 Dimensions All Entrepreneurs Must Master – Alon Braun with Dave Asprey, Part 2 – #842


Website: alonbraun.com
Website: neurotech.com
Twitter: twitter.com/alonbraun
Book: “The Entrepreneur’s Journey: 8 Steps from Inspiration to Global Impact
Take the “scaling up” assessment: https://riverbanks.scoreapp.com

Key Notes

  • We all know a bunch of entrepreneurs, crazy inventors, people like that where they might have the greatest thing since sliced bread, gluten free bread, but it never sees the light of world because they couldn’t execute. Then we see the executers who execute stuff that doesn’t matter. – 00:45
  • We need to balance, it’s all an act of balance between all these forces, and this is why I built the framework. – 1:49
  • How you can be receptive to the world when you’re in anxiety of relationship, when your body is not aligned. – 3:26
  • In your book, in The Entrepreneur’s Journey, it’s really cool that you base of Ken Wilber’s work, and then you tie in Thomas Edison. Can you walk me through the parts of the book.  – 6:02
  • You need to master the four dimensions. What is the dimension? This internal world, who are you? What do you feel? What is your muscle? What is your feeling? – 8:12
  • Then we move to the next dimension in the entrepreneur journey, and this is a collective. The internal collective dimension. – 10:52
  • You need the best, you need to find who are the best teachers, you need to find the best courses, and that’s the work for every CEO.  – 14:49
  • How do you know, what’s your filter for discernment? What’s your process for picking a teacher?  – 16:00
  • I build a book for me like 20 years ago to read like what mistakes I did all over the years, this is basically it.  – 21:14
  • What’s your decision making, your sorting algorithm for a consumer to know whether something is real and for an entrepreneur to actually project their realness. – 29:07
  • Where are we going to end up in the next five years, because I think some of it is kind of scary, some of it is kind of cool  – 33:20
  • My book is directed exactly to this population. I’m trying to integrate back the self awareness, so I will not do a distraction. So whatever I build, I try to give them back.  – 41:50
  • Do you know of any hacks we can use to remember things better, just by leveraging our emotion?  – 45:25

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