Why You Get Hungry, How Gut Bacteria Matters & the Perils of Food Industry Manipulation

Amy Shah, M.D.

Learn why you crave what you crave, when to listen to your body’s natural hunger signals, and how to undo crap eating habits.


In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

… Amy Shah, M.D., teaches you all you need to know about the second F word: food. That’s right, you are going to learn all about hunger from the author of the book, “I’m So Effing Hungry: Why We Crave What We Crave – and What to Do About It.” You’ll also find out why focusing on your hunger is more important and effective than going on yet another diet. 

Dr. Shah is a double board-certified medical doctor and nutrition expert with training from Cornell, Columbia, and Harvard universities. Her background includes internal medicine and allergy/immunology. During this discussion, she shares why she believes that you can diet all you want, but diets don’t work—and, worse yet, they keep you addicted. They also keep you hungry and keep you unhappy. She helps you lean into your body signals and really understand what’s happening.

She kept hearing the same complaints from her patients: “I feel hungry all the time, even when I just ate.” “My cravings are out of control.” They were white-knuckling it through yet another diet plan, only to feel depleted, frustrated, and really effing hungry. So, she developed a 5-step program for battling excessive hunger and food cravings by harnessing the power of psychobiotics and intermittent fasting. She combined scientific studies with Western and Ayurvedic approaches so you can:

  1. REPLENISH your body by eating more nourishing, mood-balancing foods.
  2. REWIRE your brain to undo the addiction pathways and cravings for processed foods.
  3. RESET your circadian rhythm to activate hunger hormones that reduce your appetite.
  4. REFRESH with a good night’s sleep, using proven good sleep habits used by the U.S. military.
  5. RETRAIN your body with exercise that regulates key neurotransmitters that influence our hunger response.

“My mission is to revolutionize the way we think about hunger and nutrition, and to help people manage hunger and cravings and break free from the tyranny of diets and battles with food,” she says.

You’ll want to take notes on this extremely helpful and actionable interview. You also can download the transcript in the “Links & Resources” section below.

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“We live in this world that we're inundated with thoughts about food all the time, and not just food, just cravings in general.”

Amy Shah, M.D.

Enjoy the show!

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