Upgrade Spotlight: Unlocking the Secrets of Water Energy, Frequency & Vibration

Mario Brainovic

A deep dive into the science behind structured water and the evidence of its effectiveness.

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In this "Upgrade Spotlight" Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

Mario Brainovic’s journey uncovering the secrets of water took a surprising turn when he experienced a taste test that changed the way he looks at water. What he discovered about the power of coherent water on human biology and soil health will leave you stunned and impressed.

Mario Brainovic is an expert in the science of water, specifically focusing on its ability to transmit energy, frequency, and vibration. With a wealth of knowledge and extensive research under his belt, Mario has dedicated his work to understanding the profound changes that can occur in our biology when we consume water that has been treated with the right frequencies.

As the CEO of Analema, Mario has developed a unique approach to creating positively charged water that can boost our physiology and overall health. This friendly and passionate water enthusiast is always eager to share new findings and discoveries to help others optimize their energy levels.

In this episode, you will learn about the health advantages of Analema Water and structured water on your well-being. You will discover the impact of Analema Water on your microbiome and the soil biome. Mario will help you grasp the scientific principles behind water’s transmittance of energy, frequency, and vibration. You will hear all about the implementation of the cost-effective Analema Water System in your life.

So if you recognize the importance of prioritizing health and human connection in modern society, this is the episode for you. 

"Messing around with water, which is about as low level as you can get, if you can improve that, it should have systemic effects - which would be pretty powerful."

Dave Asprey

How Analemma works
Water is much more complex than just H2O and has the ability to absorb, receive, and transmit energy, frequency, and vibration. The structure of Analemma water, with its unique arrangement of molecules, allows it to mimic the exact structure of mother water, which results in unbeatable benefits for human physiology. This type of water reacts to its environment, making it essential to be mindful of the quality of the water we consume, as different water types can have various effects on our bodies and overall well-being.

Mario Brainovic, the CEO of Analema, delves into the science behind Analema water, discussing its powerful properties as a broadband absorber receiver and transmitter of energy, frequency, and vibration. He emphasizes that water radiates light that can be captured, which is evident in the studies conducted at Wetsus University, the world’s number one water university. By understanding and harnessing the potential of Analema water, it is possible to improve various aspects of our lives, from health and energy levels, to the environment and agriculture.

Enjoy the show!

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00:00:01 – Introduction,
Dave Asprey introduces the episode on water and gives a brief background of his experience with water technologies.

00:01:58 – Science behind Analema,
Mario Brainovic explains that water is a broadband absorber, receiver, and transmitter of energy, frequency, and vibration. He further explains how they developed the technology for Analemma and how it structures water.

00:08:31 – How Analemma works,
Dave Asprey asks how they measure the frequency of water, and Mario Brenovic explains that they use a low voltage to measure the electrical potential of water. They further discuss how Analemma works in the body and the effects it has.

00:12:33 – GlycanAge Research,
Mario Brainovic explains the GlycanAge research they conducted and how they were able to measure the biological age of participants and the effects of drinking Analemma water on their biological age.

00:14:31 – ATP Research,
They discuss the ATP research they conducted, which showed a 20% increase in ATP production from drinking 1.5 liters of Analema water per day. They further discuss the importance of ATP in the body.

00:16:47 – The Importance of Clinical Evidence,
Dave and Mario discuss the importance of clinical evidence and the distrust many have for Big Pharma. Mario emphasizes the value of hearing from clinicians who work with patients every day and can attest to the effectiveness of certain treatments.

00:17:40 – Groundbreaking Microbiome Study,
Mario shares the results of a new study on the impact of anilema water on the microbiome. The study found that the water had a balancing effect and led to an increase in positive bacteria and a decrease in pathogenic bacteria. Mario highlights the importance of the microbiome in overall health and wellbeing.

00:21:13 – The Connection between Water and Biology,
Dave and Mario discuss the electromagnetic nature of water and its ability to absorb and transmit energy, frequency, and vibration. They explore the idea that changing the water can fundamentally change the biology that follows it. They also highlight the importance of water as a foundational element in biohacking.

00:25:02 – Reality as a Story,
Dave reflects on the idea that everything we believe about reality is a story and that our understanding of the world is limited by our user interface. He encourages listeners to embrace curiosity and wonder, even in the face of uncertainty. Mario emphasizes the importance of energy, frequency, and vibration in understanding reality and the role of water in this understanding.

00:31:38 – The Future of Water,
Mario shares that a major beverage company is interested in their work with anilema water and the

00:32:30 – Whole House Structured Water,
Mario Brainovic explains the benefits of structured water and the development of whole house structured water system. Results of an early study show an increase in cardiac output, stroke volume, and blood viscosity. Brain waves also show an immediate cooling effect with the consumption of structured water.

00:39:18 – Charging Water in Cold Plunge,
Dave Asprey plans to charge the water in his cold plunge with the Analema wand. Brainovic shares plans for a cold plunge system with the Analema wand and a pitcher system for charging water with the mother water.

00:41:28 – Agriculture Study,
Brainovic announces an upcoming agriculture study and the development of garden Analema. He emphasizes the importance of high-quality food and the decline in nutrient levels in produce. The Analemma wand has shown a protective effect against EMFs.

00:43:58 – Immediate Results of Analemma Water,
Results of an EEG study show the immediate cooling effect of structured water on brain waves. Brainovic shares results of a double-blind study with genetically identical twins, showing the positive effects of structured water on brain waves and communication between the left and right hemisphere.

00:48:40 – Annalema Water and its Benefits,
Mario Brainovic discusses the benefits of drinking water with Annalema and how it can improve health. He also talks about the research they are conducting to prove its effects on the biological system.

00:51:10 – Focus on Health and Community,
Dave and Mario discuss the need for a shift in focus from making money to prioritizing health and community. They emphasize the importance of healthy food and its availability in supermarkets.

00:52:50 – Biohacks for Increasing Energy,
Dave shares his biohacking techniques to increase energy in the cell and neuroplasticity. He emphasizes the importance of good water, mineral balance, and removing toxins to achieve optimal health.

00:53:45 – The Future of Water Research,
Dave and Mario discuss the need for more research around core water chemistry in cells to understand the effects of water on the body. They also talk about the innovative work being done at Analemma Water to improve health and change the world.

00:54:56 – Closing Remarks,
Dave wraps up the episode by encouraging listeners to try Analemma Water and leave a review. He also asks listeners to share their experiences with the product on social media.

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