Announcing The 2016 Bulletproof Biohacking Conference!

Mark your calendar! The 4th annual Bulletproof Biohacking Conference is coming up, and tickets are on sale now. This conference is an opportunity to live and breathe an elite biohacker’s lifestyle for three full days. You’ll get to play with the latest biohacking technology and attend lectures from world-class speakers on topics like exercise, sex, relationships, nutrition, spirituality, and more.

The conference will be September 23rd-25th in sunny Pasadena, California, and based on the talks and toys we have lined up so far, this year is going to be big. Without giving too much away, here’s a sample of the game-changing speakers you’ll get to see:

  • Bo Eason. Bo is an ex-NFL player who wrote and performed Runt of the Litter, one of the most critically acclaimed one-man plays in the last 20 years. The play is becoming a major motion picture, and Bo is coming to the Bulletproof Conference to discuss the art of storytelling and persuasion. Check out Bo’s website here.
  • Harry Adelson, one of the leading stem cell doctors in the world. Dr. Adelson is going to talk about regenerative injection therapy and how stem cells can help you with everything from healing major injuries to slowing aging to a crawl. Learn more about Dr. Adelson and his clinic, Docere, here.
  • Alberto Villoldo, a clinical professor-turned-shaman who marries science and spirituality with his unique approach to healing. Villoldo left his neurochemistry laboratory at San Francisco State University and packed a bag for the Amazon, where he spent over a decade learning from South American shamans and jungle healers. He’ll be talking about combining science with spirituality, and why the two need not be separate. Alberto is a fascinating guy. Here’s his website.

And speakers are just the tip of the iceberg. Between sessions you can head to the tech hall, which will be packed with the latest in biohacking gadgets and supplements for you to try. Try the oxygen bar, intravenous nutrient clinic, and brand-new virtual reality technology – and, of course, enjoy all the Bulletproof Coffee you can drink.


Ticket Options

This year’s conference is more affordable than ever before, especially if you take advantage of our early bird pricing. Here are the ticket options:

  • For the rest of March, a full 3-day conference pass is $799 – that’s 50% off the full cost, and the first 200 buyers can bring a friend for only $299. Split it down the middle and you’re both getting full access for $550. Not too shabby.
  • 1-day conference passes (Sunday 9/25 only) are going for $299. You’ll get full access to both speakers and the tech hall.
  • Do you want to try all the nifty biohacking gear without paying to see speakers? You can get a tech hall pass for $99.
  • Full-time students and military veterans: show your ID and get an all-access pass for $399.
  • And finally, $2,499 will get you a VIP pass that includes dinner with Dave. There are only 40 VIP passes available, so act now if you’re interested.

Thinking about joining us? You can learn more and buy tickets here. Have a great week!




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