LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 11/10/21 - UFC fighter and former bantamweigh champion Miesha Tate training at Exploration Peak Park in Las Vegas in preparation for UFC Vegas 43. (Photo credit Juan Cardenas @desautomatas)
athletehigh performancehuman upgradehyperbaricmartial artsmmaPodcastrecoveryred light therapytraining

Champion Insights from the Octagon: How to Train & Recover, Be a Parent, and Run a Business – Miesha Tate – #1034

Luke Storey
Addictionalcoholconnectiondrugshuman upgradenicotinePodcastpsychedelicsrecovery

How to Get & Stay Sober—Even if You Don’t Think You’re an Addict – Luke Storey – #1030

central nervous systemEFTEMDRhuman upgradeinjury healingPodcastrecoverytappingvagal nerve

Hacking Injury Healing from the Inside Out – Interventions With Dave – Rachelle Copeland – #1006

HEAL 1000x1000
biohackinghuman upgradePodcastpost-oppre-oprecoverysurgery

Bonus: Biohacking Surgery & Recovery with Dave Asprey

deep sleephigh performancehuman upgradePodcastrecoveryREM sleeprestsleepthermoregulation

Temperature Hacking for Better Deep and REM Sleep – Matteo Franceschetti – #879

Agingathletescell fitnessgut healthhuman upgradeinflammationlongevitymitochondriamitophagyPodcast

How Postbiotics Upgrade Your Mitochondria – Dr. Anurag Singh – #877

Articlebiohackbiohackingdeep sleepEMFhaeloPerformance + Motivationrecovery

PEMF Therapy: How to Recover Like a Superhuman

energyPodcastrecoveryrestrestorationtime management

3 Rs to Up Your Energy: Rest, Recovery & Restoration – Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith & Kate Northrup – #851

blood pressuredepressionheatinfrared lightlight spectrumlongevityPodcastrecoverysaunasserotonin

Saunas Use Infrared to Power Detox, Immunity & Renewal – Connie Zack with Dave Asprey – #823


How Fitness Saved a Life and Became a Livelihood – Doug Bopst with Dave Asprey – #806

chronic paindirect currentelectrical stimulationfitnessinjuryPerformancephysical painPodcastrecovery

The Body Electric: Stimulation for Pain, Recovery, Fitness & Performance – Garrett Salpeter with Dave Asprey – #728

brainwavesbreathbreathworkendurance athletePodcastrecoveryrelaxationrest

Guided Breathing, Gamma Brainwaves and Going Beyond Flow State – Dr. Greg Wells with Dave Asprey – #721


Overcoming Massive Adversity with Little Mind Hacks – Amy Purdy – #686

biohackingcryotherapygoalsheart rate variabilityhip surgeryice bathjet lagmusicphilanthropyPodcast

The Ball is in Your Court: Biohacking with The Bryan Bros. – #609

acupressure matPerformancePodcastrecoverysleepsleep agesleep hackssleep qualitysleep quantitysleep science

Better Sleep Month Part 3 – Track Your Sleep, Up Your Game – #593

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