Put on Some Weight for Better Sleep and Less Stress – Baloo Living with Dave Asprey – #759

A weighted blanket puts the right amount of pressure on your body to reduce sleep issues and support mental health.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, my guest is a seeker with a success story. And that story includes creating a weighted blanket that will change the way you sleep.

After 15 years searching for fulfillment through her career—in politics, publishing, finance and start-ups, Elizabeth Grojean detached from life in the city to look within. She headed to Bali where she focused on meditation, yoga, healing, and finding a new way of living—one rooted in connection, generosity and mindfulness.

On that foundation, she created the sleep and wellness company Baloo Living Weighted Blankets and launched a weighted blanket as her first product. It’s a year-round self-care tool.

Studies show that pressure touch stimulates serotonin in the body. By using a weighted blanket, “it becomes faster and easier to go to sleep,” Elizabeth explains. “There’s a very subtle but sudden physical, physiological response that happens. The pressure on the body is letting you know that it’s safe to relax that fight or flight response.”

Within months of its 2018 launch, Baloo earned a reputation as one of the top brands on the market, where it remains. Elizabeth doesn’t compromise when it comes to materials or experience.

“The idea of doing something good for yourself by using a bag of plastic felt so negative to me in terms of the environmental aspect of that,” she says. “Energetically, I just didn’t like the idea of that at all.” Instead, Baloo’s blankets use materials certified to be free of chemicals and toxins.

From tips on finding yourself, entrepreneurship and how to ease your anxiety and sleep better with a weighted blanket, you’re going to learn a lot in this episode from Elizabeth’s path.

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Put on Some Weight for Better Sleep and Less Stress – Baloo Living with Dave Asprey – #759


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Key Notes

  • A weighted blanket is quite literally a blanket that’s weighted to provide an extra feeling of pressure to your body while you’re sleeping. – 2:16
  • What changes in sleep do people see from weighted blankets? – 4:06
  • A profound moment in Bali and wanting to share with the world. – 13:01
  • How Elisabeth found funding. – 17:33
  • Baloo is named after The Jungle Book character. – 20:10
  • Did you grow up with that kind of a spiritual perspective on things? – 23:06
  • My motivation in business is not to achieve wealth or to do something from my ego. – 27:07
  • What percentage of your time, every day or every week, do you spend doing stuff that you hate as an entrepreneur? – 28:18
  • What’s the ideal weight for a blanket? – 31:59
  • How you go about being carbon neutral? – 34:50
  • There’s been multiple studies that show that the pressure touch stimulates serotonin in the body. – 38:01
  • The likelihood of having a 50% reduction of your sleep issues was nearly 26 times greater in the weighted blanket group versus the control group. – 39:40
  • This is something that you want to be able to use as a self-care tool all year round. So our blankets are designed specifically to be able to be used by hot sleepers and all year round. – 42:07
  • Tthese are noticeably different. They look different. They feel different. They have different materials. They’re clean. Since you spend a third of your life in bed, that’s a good place to go clean. So I really truly believe in the product, and thank you for making it. – 45:48

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