Tap Into Your Brain’s Full Potential

Patrick Porter, Ph.D., with Dave Asprey

Upgrade your focus, energy, performance and even sleep using guided visualizations that pair your brainwaves to specialized sounds.

In this Episode of BulletProof Radio..

You’ll find out how award-winning speaker and author Dr. Patrick Porter developed tools that help your brain access its optimum state through brainwave entrainment.

Brainwave entrainment means that different sounds, like Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones, are pulsed into each of your ears to stimulate your brain into an altered state of consciousness. In a good way! This can improve your focus, energy, relaxation and deep sleep.

Using guided meditation, Dr. Porter’s BrainTap device uses a neuro-algorithm to synchronize your brainwaves to a specialized sound. That results in full-spectrum brainwave activity. Each session ensures the brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections, also known as neuroplasticity.

Dr. Porter has been a leader in brainwave entrainment tech for more than three decades years. He previously developed the world’s first personal sound and light brain-training machine, the mc2, and created a Behavior Repatterning device. He’s written several books about the brain, including: Awaken the Genius: Mind Technology for the 21st Century; Discover the Language of the MindThrive in Overdrive: How to Navigate Your Overloaded Lifestyle; and  Awaken Your Flourishing Brain.

"We’ve got this globally world-class brain that can do incredible things for us, but people often aren’t listening to it."

Patrick Porter, Ph.D.

Dr. Porter continues to widen the scope of what we know about brain capabilities and performance. He says,” We’ve got this globally world-class brain that can do incredible things for us,” but people often aren’t listening to it.

“Once we started being able to measure the brain, we could track how the brain changes,” he says. “We know that every three to five seconds, we need to make a change or interrupt the pattern. If not, the brain will go “bye-bye,” – it’s like advertising. The brain only has so much.”

BrainTap increases your production of neurotransmitters, leading to a more balanced brainwave state. Even if you can’t stay in that balanced brain state, the feeling of that optimal mode will stick with you and will be within reach at all times. It’s like a flow-state from meditation if you’ve experienced that. But you don’t have to be a meditation expert to experience benefits. BrainTap allows even complete beginners to see immediate progress

You can do the BrainTap sessions at different times of the day when you naturally lose energy, helping you with things like sleep, focus, concentration, mindfulness, memory, stress and anxiety. The sessions also have been shown to increase athletic performance and recovery, and even help with addictions.

In this episode, Dr. Porter explains the four elements of BrainTap, including Binaural Beats, Guided Visualization, 0-Cycle Holographic Music and Isochronic Tones. You’ll get to geek out on all the ways your brain affects your body (and vice-versa) and learn what you can do to reach your full brainiac potential.

“Our brain actually is always syncing to its environment,” Patrick says. “That’s why if it’s chaotic {that it’s] causing some disruption. You have to filter it out. You have to learn how to do that.”

Don’t miss Dr. Porter’s IG Live! Hacking Your Brain with Light and Sound.

Enjoy the show!

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  • You share the microbiome with your five favorite friends. So when they were saying you’re the sum total of your five favorite friends, it’s also your guts.  – 2:43
  • When we talk about BrainTap, when you think about tapping into your brain’s full potential.  – 4:30
  • There’s three brains, and when I’m talking about brain, I’m talking about all of them at the one time. Our real brain is the one in our heart, 40,000 neutrino cells, that controls the show.  – 6:02
  • It’s got vibration sound, light and actually light through the normal light receptors plus light through acupuncture points on the ears. How’s it going to affect the gut though, or is there some crosstalk? What’s the connection?  – 8:05
  • One of the functions of the brain is to predict the future of microsecond in advance, and then only notice what doesn’t match. Do you ascribe to that?  – 11:09
  • The brain says, “Okay, these neurons are now Hebb’s law, those neurons that fire together wire together.” So we’re exercising it by sending energy across the brain.  – 14:38
  • We had autistic children that weren’t able to respond to verbal conversations. So we’re actually broadcasting 197 Hz frequency which is a frequency that tells the body, “Turn off sympathetic overload. Turn on parasympathetics.”  – 15:41
  • We know that sound, vibration and light are what our body needs besides the foods, we need good food. But all of that, once we have all of that, the synergy effect of our body is we have more energy. We have more ATP to heal, to recover, to enjoy life, to do the things we want to do with ourselves.  – 24:01
  • Are there effects that happen for people’s perception of reality when they use BrainTap regularly?  – 26:55
  • We have them visualize it because our brain doesn’t know the difference, but we have to be in the right physiological state. If you’re not relaxed, your visualization isn’t going to work so well, your ability to mimic, those mirror neurons are not going to turn on.  – 28:20
  • The difference between this and neurofeedback, just to put that in perspective is neurofeedback is like going to the gym, you get a personal trainer.  – 30:47
  • It’s not about 10 Hz frequency, it’s not about 11 Hz frequency, it’s not about 7.8 Hz frequency. It’s about training the brain to go to all those frequencies and giving your brain the chance. – 33:06
  • You’ve been able to use BrainTap on Corey Anderson and some others. What do combat athletes or martial artists get from BrainTap?  – 41:09
  • When you have a brain injury, what happened with you and happens to a lot of people is that your brain will go into a high Delta mode, and that means that it wants to reboot because you have a lot of inflammation, a lot of damage.  – 45:23
  • If we put on earphones and eyeglasses, we’re actually filtering out the reality that we’re in, we’re creating another reality which is our internal reality.  – 50:34
  • So what’s happening in the right ear with sound is happening in left eye with light. So we’re doing binaurals with light.  – 53:16
  • We need to get light into the brain as quickly as possible so that it can heal. The body knows how to heal, but if it doesn’t have light like Dr. Cousin said, it’s the most under prescribed nutrient on earth. So we need to get it into the brain so that’s why the eyes and the ears, but the sound sets it up.  – 56:20
  • Do you think people should take charcoal or glutathione or something before or after a BrainTap session?  – 59:06

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