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Pendulum's featured image of a healthy grouping of nuts, seeds, and berries
Articleblood glucosediabetesglucoseglucose controlgutgut healthGut Healthgut lininggut microbiome

Akkermansia: Your Gut’s Unsung Hero

LMNT brand product shot of woman drinking electrolyte water from bottle on a beach
Articlebrain fogbrain functionchronic fatiguedehydrationdepressiondetoxdizzyelectrolytesfasting

Why You Should Never Fast Without Electrolytes 

LMNT sweat loss infographic
Articleathleteathletic performancebetter waterbiohackingCognitive Enhancementdrinking waterexercisehydrationmagnesium

Are You Tired Or Just Dehydrated?

Person placing bottle of Pendulum GLP-1 daily supplement for metabolism in their bag
appetiteappetite suppressionArticlebiohackingDietfat burningGut Healthmetabolismnutritionprotein

What Is GLP-1, and how does it help with weight management?

activated charcoal
activated charcoalArticledetoxWeight Loss + Nutrition

the strangest way to detox

ArticleWeight Loss + Nutrition

CBD Benefits: Is CBD a Biohack?

Cow grazing on green grass under blue sky
ArticleclimateenvironmentGrass-Fed MeatWeight Loss + Nutrition

Don’t Give Up Meat for the Planet. Grass-Fed Beef Is the Better Answer to Climate Change

ArticleWeight Loss + Nutrition

How to Eat Organ Meats: Beginner to Advanced

Butcher preparing red meat
antinutrientsArticlecarnivoreCarnivore DietmeatWeight Loss + Nutrition

Is the Carnivore Diet Healthy? Not Unless You Do This

People doing yoga in sunny room
ArticlebiohackingexercisefitnessWeight Loss + Nutrition

What Workout Should You Do Today? Read This to Find Out

how to get over keto flu
ArticleketoWeight Loss + Nutrition

Your Definitive Guide to Conquering the Keto Flu

Weight loss supp_header
ArticlehormonesNewsPerformance + MotivationsleepWeight Loss + Nutrition

New Science Shows How Lack of Melatonin Makes You Hungry and Fat

IF podcast roundup_Understanding Fat To Help You Lose Weight
Articledirty ketoketoweight lossWeight Loss + Nutrition

Why Dirty Keto Is Stalling Your Weight Loss and What to Do About It

diet tips for family holiday meals
ArticleDietGratitudeholidaysWeight Loss + Nutrition

5 Ways to Enjoy the Holiday Meals — and Not Feel Like Crap

IF podcast roundup_header
ArticlefastingPodcastWeight Loss + Nutrition

9 Intermittent Fasting Podcast Episodes That Will Help You Get Started

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