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1161: Biohacking with Advanced Laser Innovations

Join Dave Asprey as he talks with Dr. Brandon Crawford about the cutting-edge use of laser technology in biohacking, including a new product launch at the upcoming Biohacking Conference.

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

Explore the transformative potential of laser technology in biohacking with Dr. Brandon Crawford. This episode delves into the history, advancements, and future of laser applications in enhancing health and performance, emphasizing the groundbreaking new laser product debuting at this year’s Biohacking Conference.


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  • (00:01) Introduction to the episode, Dave Asprey’s personal experiences with laser therapy in the 90s, and its impact on his biohacking journey. 
  • (01:04) Overview of the upcoming Biohacking Conference, featuring innovative technologies like Dr. Crawford’s new laser. 
  • (01:38) Dr. Crawford’s insights on the evolution of therapeutic lasers from racehorse treatments to human health applications. 
  • (02:04) Discussion on how top professionals and athletes embrace advanced biohacking techniques, including laser therapy. 
  • (03:03) Announcement of Dr. Crawford’s latest laser product, designed to enhance biological effects through innovative beam manipulation. 
  • (04:40) Characteristics of the new laser product, emphasizing its portability and versatility for both home and clinical use. 
  • (06:07) The strategic development of the new laser as a platform for ongoing innovation in light therapy. 
  • (07:05) Safety features and regulatory approval status of the new laser, ensuring user safety. 
  • (08:29) Dr. Crawford’s research on the neurological applications of laser therapy, including pilot studies and their implications for brain health. 
  • (13:12) Pricing details and the target audience for the new laser products, including special offers for Biohacking Conference attendees. 


Enjoy the show!


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