How Sleep Tech Improves Your Performance

Matteo Franceschetti / Eight Sleep

AI helps your body recover and rest while you’re asleep, which means you’ll have more energy when you’re awake.

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

… you’ll learn about the intimate relationship between performance and sleep and how you can hack both with a combination of tech and lifestyle.

Matteo Franceschetti joins the show to talk about high performance—something he experienced in athletics, business and life. He was a competitive athlete in his native Italy and a race car driver across Europe. He started two clean-tech companies on two continents. He also worked at the top tier of the international legal world

The one thing he didn’t excel at was sleep. So, he co-founded Eight Sleep nearly a decade ago to hack sleep in all the ways that fuel human potential, performance and energy.

Eight Sleep mattress and mattress pad technology redesign sleep with AI and machine learning models to track your nighttime biosignals. “You’re essentially sleeping on a stethoscope that you don’t feel,” Matteo explains. “It’s a microfilm as a sensor and it is picking up vibrations. And then, we stream the data to the cloud where our algos are able to identify heart rate, respiration, and sleep stages.”

It’s a technology that’s catching the attention of professional athletes in sports like snowboarding, CrossFit, Formula One and many more.

In this conversation, you’ll also learn how sleep fitness prepares you for better sleep quality at night and better performance while you’re awake. And for some fun, you’ll discover the benefits of a nappucino.

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“Sleep deprivation is becoming the new smoking. There is a movement in terms of education, where people realize that sleep is the new remedy.”

Matteo Franceschetti / Eight Sleep​

Enjoy the show!

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