Temperature Hacking for Better Deep and REM Sleep

Matteo Franceschetti

Learn how to improve sleep performance with a new collection of biohacks, based on over a million nights of sleep data.

In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...


you’re going to learn a bunch of brand new sleep hacks, taken from over a million nights of sleep data.

Those hacks will come from my guest Matteo Franceschetti.

Matteo defines high performance—having been a professional skier, high-level tennis player, competitive race car driver and practicing lawyer. He didn’t get much sleep doing all those things, so he co-founded Eight Sleep and set out to create and advanced sleep improvement device so he, and everyone else, could sleep better and perform better.

We can all agree: “Sleep is a pillar, a fundamental pillar for your health,” Matteo says.

Eight Sleep tracks biomarkers that measure your sleep quality. Then it uses machine learning to make automatic adjustments to your sleep environment. This helps you optimize your sleep, get the reset and recovery your body needs, and well, wake up feeling better than you have in years.

Best of all, you don’t actually have to do anything. You just go to sleep, exactly like you did last night, and the technology does all the sleep hacking for you.

TIME Magazine named Eight Sleep one of its “Best Inventions” of both 2018 and 2019, and Fast Company listed it as one of the most innovative companies of 2018. They’re a sleep hacking company making big inroads into understanding and regulating your body’s temperatures while sleeping. This affects your deep and REM sleep the most.

“While you are in REM your brain deactivates all the temperature controls in the body,” Matteo explains. “It doesn’t let you fall into REM if it’s too hot or too cold because you could potentially die. Changing the temperature based on your sleep stages and the different stages of the night is fundamental to maximize your deep and REM stages.”

And Eight Sleep has a fix for that.

“Based on your sleep stages and based on your biometrics, we adjust your body temperature during the night,” Matteo says. “It’s not that we are inventing the wheel. Your body is already changing temperature during the night. It’s part of your physiological process. We just enhanced that process to maximize your sleep performance.”

“When you look at medical evidence, temperature is the big elephant in the room and has the biggest impact on your sleep performance.”

Matteo Franceschetti

And then I wanted to know, “How many hours of sleep per night do you think you can save people by just changing temperature?” The point isn’t necessarily to get less sleep, but it’s to live more. Right? If you just got everything you needed and it was as good as what you have today, but you had enough time to do two hours of reading or learning every day or meditating or parenting or whatever else, it’s not about working more necessarily. It’s just about living more.

It’s exciting to talk to Matteo because he brings a whole bunch of new biohacking ideas to the table, er bed. He and I get into a bunch of sleep topics during this conversation, including:

  • How you can instantly increase your deep sleep by 40%, starting tonight
  • How you can reset your energy levels in the morning just by regulating your sleep temperature at night
  • How you can compress sleep down to 5-6 hours a night, while actually getting more rest and recovery
  • Why sleep consistency matters (and is still the hardest thing for people to do, well, consistently}
  • Why machine learning is the future of personalized health

If your sleep could use an upgrade, check out this episode for hacks you can implement right away and learn about what’s next in sleep technology.

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Enjoy the show!

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  • Your recent funding around series C raised 86 million for improving sleep quality. When did you start Eight Sleep?  4:29
  • When you look from outside, it seems, “Oh, so cool. All this and that,” but there are plenty of failures, plenty of struggles, but I like to try new things. Right? I have a lot of energy. I’m always up for challenges.  – 6:20
  • When you look at medical evidence, right, temperature is the big elephant in the room, is the one that has the biggest impact on your sleep performance. – 15:33
  • The cover has multiple sensors embedded in it. We use a technology called ballistocartiography. It’s like sleeping on stethoscope over simplified.  – 19:07
  • The end goal, what I always say in the interview, is can we compress it down to six hours and get in six hours the same amount of rest and recovery I used to get in eight hours. – 22:50
  • Other areas for sleep that we are exploring is light noise.  – 26:03
  • I completely cut alcohol. I didn’t have alcohol for the past two years and a half now. It’s massive. The other big thing is the meal, as you were saying. There are a couple of things that have an impact, first, the time of the meal.  – 32:38
  • We’re going to start pulling in all the data from all the other devices. Any device that is connected from Apple with Apple health, or even not, could be levels, it could be Garmin, it could be any wearable. We are building a pretty large data science team. The idea is to start working on insights and correlation between the data from day.  – 35:50
  • We want to create a personalized profile, health profile for nutrition, fitness, and sleep.  – 39;50
  • When people say, ‘Okay, if I’m sleeping on an active sensor, what’s the load on the body? Is there a load on the body?” Do you guys do EMF sensing?  – 44:37
  • The thing about sleeping with someone, is it actually good for your sleep or bad for your sleep?  – 55:21

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