Do EMF Shielding Products Actually Work?


I’ve been writing a lot lately about electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). They’re a major part of your environment, and they can either zap your performance (like the EMFs that come from everyday electronics) or make you stronger (like PEMF therapy that repairs bone fractures[*]). 

It turns out your cells respond to EMFs in a major way. Exposing yourself to the right ones (and protecting yourself from the damaging ones) can have some powerful effects on your performance. 

3 Reasons to Protect Yourself From Man-Made EMFs

EMFs from WiFi, routers, laptops, cell networks, Bluetooth, and other electronics release particularly damaging EMFs that have an immediate negative effect on your biology. 

Fifteen years ago, this was considered fringe science. But as technology continues to become more widespread, your body is exposed to increasing doses of electromagnetic radiation, and now the health problems that EMFs create are becoming more obvious to researchers. 

Here are three reasons to shield against EMFs, based on recent research. 

1. Infertility

A 2014 study found that cell phone exposure reduces your sperm quality. People who carried mobile phones that were actively receiving cell signals (that is, not in airplane mode) saw a significant decrease in sperm motility and viability[*]. 

And it’s not just men. A study of 462 pregnant women in Tehran found that the women experienced a significant increase in miscarriages after exposure to EMFs[*]. On top of that, a 2015 study found that EMF exposure increased the number of viable eggs you lose with each menstrual cycle[*]. 

2. Decreased Sleep Quality

A 2019 study found that daily exposure to EMFs can screw with your sleep and contribute to both depression and anxiety[*]. 

Another study found that EMF exposure caused people to release less melatonin, the hormone that makes you sleepy and helps you access the deepest, most restorative stages of sleep[*]. 

3. Brain fog

EMFs also cause oxidative stress—low level damage that triggers inflammation and makes your cells less effective[*]. Your body also uses up antioxidants trying to protect you from EMFs[*]. As a result, you have fewer antioxidants to use for other damaging things, like air pollution or compounds in crappy food that make you weak. 

Recent research has also found that EMFs cause the most oxidative stress in your brain. A series of recent studies suggest that EMF exposure could even be a cause of neurodegeneration as you age, contributing to diseases like dementia[*][*].

Which EMF Shielding Products Actually Work?

EMFs are clearly damaging, and it’s important to protect yourself against them. 

As EMF protection becomes more mainstream, a lot of companies are starting to sell objects 

Effective EMF products use special materials, treatments, fabrics, or weaves that measurably block electromagnetic radiation or change its frequency, converting it into a harmless type of radiation. 

The trouble is that EMFs are hard to measure, and it’s difficult to tell the difference between a product that actually protects against EMFs and one that doesn’t. As EMF shielding becomes more mainstream, a lot of companies are taking advantage of consumers by making products that don’t actually do anything to guard against EMFs. 

A 2019 study found that a lot of EMF shielding products are scams, and the researchers called for more regulation so that you know what you’re getting[*]. 

Hopefully that will come soon. In the meantime, how do you know whether the EMF shielding products you’re buying actually work?

Look for an IGEF Certification

The International Society for Electrosmog Research (IGEF—the original name is in German) tests products and gives them seals of approval based on research results. 

IGEF certifications are a good way to tell whether the product you’re researching actually blocks EMFs. 

One of my favorite EMF shielding companies is Leela Quantum Tech. Each of their products has an IGEF certification, along with transparent test results. 

For example, IGEF found that all Leela EMF-blocking clothing items, like the jackets or hats, shielded over 99% of measurable EMFs from cell phones and WiFi[*], and that Leela’s pendant increased heart rate variability and autonomic nervous system adaptability in people exposed to electromagnetic radiation[*].

Whether you choose Leela or another company, it’s worth your time to shield yourself from EMFs. Just make sure you do your research and look for IGEF certifications or other rigorous, publicly displayed tests. You want to get a product that actually works.




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