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Strength Training Upgrade: Transform Your Body & Mind

Ben Pakulski & Frank Zane

Delve into the realms of physical transformation, exploring the secrets behind achieving the perfect physique at any age and rethinking the traditional approach to strength training.

Ben Pakulski & Frank Zane_1000x1250

In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

Unravel the insights and wisdom shared by two legendary guests: Mr. Olympia Frank Zane and renowned strength expert Ben Pakulski.

Frank Zane is an American former professional bodybuilder, author, and coach who has left a lasting impact on the fitness world. With a focus on symmetry and proportion, Frank’s physique earned him three Mr. Olympia titles and the nickname King of Aesthetics. Today, at 75 years old, he continues to offer personal coaching, training programs, and seminars to share his vast knowledge of bodybuilding and fitness.

Ben Pakulski, a recently retired professional bodybuilder and former Mr. Canada. Ben is on a mission to educate people globally on a holistic approach to muscle building, empowering them to change both their body and mind.

Throughout this Legacy Upgrade episode, we explore the shared principles that underpin these two remarkable journeys. From the importance of discipline, focus, and perseverance to the significance of customized nutrition and training plans, our guests leave no stone unturned in their quest to unlock human potential.

Check out this enlightening and transformative exploration of the science of the perfect physique and the reimagining of strength training, guided by the wisdom of Frank Zane and Ben Pakulski.

Prepare to unlock your true potential and unleash the power within.

"Learning to pay attention is kind of the foundation of everything."

Ben Pakulski

In this episode, you will…

  • Discover the significance of adopting a holistic perspective for bodybuilding and overall wellness.

  • Uncover the crucial role mental attitudes and visualization play in the journey toward success.

  • Explore natural methods for optimizing nutrition and hormone balance.

  • Delve into adaptive resistance training techniques and the practice of mindful eating for peak health and performance.

  • Recognize the impact of bodybuilding on personal growth and self-discipline.

Enjoy the show!

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  • What Does Fitness Look Like for Everyone?
  • How Ben used it as a form of armor to protect himself from his fears.
  • Frank discusses his cyclic method of training, where he gradually increases the intensity of his workouts to peak in October before going into a maintenance phase.
  • Why many people focus too much on external stimuli, such as lifting more weight, rather than the internal responses that matter.
  • The key to effective training is to focus on ensuring that each muscle is going through its full excursion, which means pulling one end of the muscle closer to the other.
  • Why a holistic approach to muscle building, which includes considering factors such as nutrition, training, sleep, stress, environment, and mindset. 
  • Adjusting macros for muscle building, recommending a balance between carbs and protein.
  • Building one muscle, you can build them all, as long as you can direct the stimulus to the muscle correctly.
  • The importance of visualization in muscle building, saying that it changes mechanics, posture, and belief.
  • The importance of meditation in muscle building, as it can help maintain focus and increase parasympathetic tone.
  • The importance of community in bodybuilding, citing the older generation of bodybuilders who helped him when he first moved to California.
  • Frank Zane talks about how his approach to fitness evolved from a mindless approach to a more mindful one.
  • Frank Zane talks about his approach to nutrition, which involves examining his DNA to determine what his body needs and addressing any deficiencies in micronutrients.
  • The importance of eating to feel good and performing well, while remaining open to different dietary approaches depending on one’s training intensity and goals.
  • The value of bodybuilding as a tool for building discipline, focus, and confidence when done for the right reasons and in the right context.
  • The importance of focusing on how well one lives rather than how long, noting that no one can control when they will die but everyone can control how they live in the present moment.
  • A Message of Kindness.
  • How to create what you want by doing it correctly and not just waiting for it to happen as a result of something else. 

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