Announcing the First Ever Bulletproof Biohacking Conference

If you listen to the podcasts, you know that I’ve been planning a conference where you can upgrade yourself with hands-on transformative biohacking using equipment that’s unavailable to most people.

Coming this January 17-19 in the San Francisco Bay Area, we’ve lined up a world-class power lifter and professional sports athletic trainer who created technology that teaches your nervous system to become faster and to better integrate between the body and the mind. It’s technology that I use personally, and pro athletes spend  $40,000 – $80,000 a year to work with Jay’s technology. It can quickly teach your body things that functional movement and yoga never will.

Those of you that follow Bulletproof on Facebook may recall the picture of my friend Jolly after just 6 minutes of this kind of thing. Normal electrical stimulation technology is interesting, but the tech we’re using is in another ballpark alltogether.  Jolly is a fairly lean guy already, so it is easy to see how fast he gets results. For those of you that haven’t seen the before and after photos:

A panel of 3 photos of A Jolly before and after biohacking with amazing abs

The 3 day conference is January 17th, 18th & 19th in 2013.  You will get two full days of hands-on coaching and biohacking led by Jay and his team of pro sports trainers who will use technology to literally rewire the way your brain and muscles communicate, plus another full day of Bulletproof training and lectures and guest lectures from experts in other biohacking fields like biofeedback, neurofeedback, Heart Rate Variability, and more.

We’ll have the Bulletproof Vibe on hand and some other, unreleased technologies for mind and body enhancement. Plus you get to hang with some of the world’s top biohackers for 3 days! You’ll find a Hollywood stuntman there, martial artists, CEOs, tech entrepreneurs, investors…and people like you. This is for high performance people of all walks, not pro athletes.

You’ll also get some incredible Bulletproof meals and share some insider knowledge that’s not on the website.

This is an opportunity to do more self-upgrades, experience more biohacking technology, and gain more knowledge from experts in 3 days than has ever been assembled in one place. I will personally be on hand the entire time for 1:1 sessions as available and to answer questions throughout.

The Bulletproof Conference costs $1950 per person and take place in San Francisco.  The conference is more than half sold out already, and it’s strictly limited to 50 people so that we can maximize your experience with the hands-on biohacking technology. The remaining seats will sell out quickly.

Warning: This is not for the faint of heart. You will sweat hard, you will push your limits, and you will see what your nervous system can really do. You will swear. But you will also walk away transformed and armed to continue the path of upgrading yourself.

EDIT:  Early Bird interest sign-up sheet closed at midnight PST 10/31/2012.  

General Registration is now open!

Click here to register now!




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