Habits from Simple to Atomic Propel Big Life Changes – BJ Fogg & James Clear – #850

How to build habits that improve your life and let you reach your full potential.

Habits form the base of your life. So the more you can form habits that manage and automate your day and power your decisions, the more brain space you free up for creativity and bigger thinking.

BJ Fogg and James Clear approach habits in ways that get to the root of how your think and feel. In this special episode of Bulletproof Radio, they share useful tips you can (and probably must) start doing today.

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The Simplicity of Tiny Habits Will Change Your Life – BJ Fogg, Ph.D. – #662

  • Behavior scientist BJ Fogg, Ph.D., founded the Behavior Design Lab at Stanford University and is considered the leading scientific authority on habits. His behavior model is easy to learn and easy to apply to everyday life… and doesn’t include willpower. “The thing that wires a habit in is not repetition,” BJ says, “it’s the emotion you feel when you do the behavior.” He explains that behavior happens when three elements come together at the same moment: motivation, ability, and a prompt.
  • BJ introduces you to the science behind habit formation in his book, “Tiny Habits: The Small Changes that Change Everything ”

Use Atomic Habits to Upgrade Your Decisions – James Clear – #645

  • Writer James Clear researches habits in the context of human potential, continuous improvement and decision-making. “Your habits compound over time as they start to layer on top of each other and increase over time,” James says. “But your decisions—if you imagine your life is like a string of decisions—those decisions can compound for you or against you, too. The benefit of making a single good choice is fine, but the benefit of making a string of good choices can be significantly better. You’re really trying to string those two together.”
  • James’ book, “Atomic Habits: An Easy and Proven Way to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones,” details how habits can shape your life and is a go-to resource for Fortune 500 companies and professional sports teams.

Enjoy! And get find more habit resources below.
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Habits from Simple to Atomic Propel Big Life Changes – BJ Fogg & James Clear – #850


BJ Fogg
Book : Tiny Habits: The Small Changes that Change Everything
Fogg Behavior Modelbehaviormodel.org/

James Clear
Book: Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones

Bulletproof Radio

Key Notes

  • The Tiny Habits method that makes the building of habits really easy and fast. The book does two things at once.  – 2:24
  • The reason we do bad habits is because the immediate outcome is often favorable. The immediate outcome of eating a donut is great. It’s sweet sugary, it’s tasty, it’s enjoyable. It’s only the ultimate outcome if you continue to eat donuts, that is unfavorable. – 3:24
  • Do you ever worry that people might use Tiny Habits to enforce habits that they think are good for them, but aren’t good for them? – 5:51
  • Broadly speaking answer is we need to close the feedback loop. The only way you can close the feedback loop is to choose the right form of measurement. – 7:09
  • I was more interested about, “Am I keeping pace? Where am I?” It really changed surfing from being this spirit, I’ll just say it, a spiritual experience of connecting with nature and the power of nature and learning. – 9:52
  • I started teaching it to others and it worked for them as well. I didn’t know the brain chemistry or why it worked. I just knew it worked. Later, I put the other pieces together. This is why it works. But the hack of celebration came first, before understanding the mechanism of why it worked. – 13:45
  • You asked about the best place to insert. I have two answers, the first general one, this doesn’t always work, but generally speaking earlier in the day is better. Particularly if you don’t have kids. – 14:50
  • I teach a lot of product innovators. They come to my two day bootcamp, which is not about helping them personally. It’s helping them understand how to design for behavior and engagement and so on.  – 17:37
  • I have two models for ability. One of them defines what ability is, and there’s five components. I describe it as a chain model. There’s five links in the chain. If any one of them is broken, you don’t have the ability.  – 18:34
  • I have one chapter in the book on the influence of genes and personality and habits and behavior. I think a lot of the science is kind of on the cusp. It’s on the edge right now where we’re getting some very interesting insights. We don’t quite know everything. There’s a lot to still be discovered, but specifically with dopamine. – 21:44
  • What is the one bad habit you have that you have not yet broken? The hardest one? – 23:18
  • Don’t self trash-talk, don’t beat yourself up. Don’t blame yourself when your change efforts don’t work. If they don’t work, you’re probably taking an approach that’s an old fashioned approach and it’s not your fault. It’s you just haven’t been given the right approach yet. – 26:05

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