C60 Powers Up Mitochondria to Strengthen Your Muscles & Brain

Ian Mitchell

Carbon 60 amps up your performance by kickstarting muscle growth, energizing the brain and slowing aging way down.

In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

… you’ll learn about the latest performance-enhancing compound—Carbon 60— and how it helped Olympic athletes excel this past year. It can help you, too. With better athletic performance, improved brain function and a whole lot longer life.

Inventor, biochemist, and pharmaceutical developer Ian Mitchell specializes in anti-aging. He works with NASA astronauts, Olympic athletes, and other elite performers who want to experience superhuman performance.

He’s been on the podcast three times before (because he’s just that interesting!) to talk about hacking longevity. This time he’s here to discuss his latest invention: a Carbon 60 serum. Carbon 60 is commonly known as C60.

Ian’s C60 serum levels up mitochondrial function beyond what we thought was possible, boosting your physical performance and slowing down aging. The results beyond what you think is possible. Case in point–2021 Olympians.

“One of the things I made was for the guys doing Olympic trials this year,” Ian says. “I called it the Olympic serum. Olympic athletes are going for these crazy, crazy small increases, little gains, 1%, 2%. And the guys that I was working with…they were doing pole vaulting.

“…I would send them [my carbon60 serum], and their results, they started getting 13% to 17% gains. And it was blowing them away because it gave them an entirely different competitive edge.”

"What I wanted to do was absolute peak performance. That's why I started working with Olympians and guys like that because I thought, "How far can I push this [Carbon 60]?"

Ian Mitchell

Ian’s work is at the forefront of longevity and enhancing your mitochondria. Three things in particular stand out about Carbon 60.

C60 Makes Your Brain Stronger

Most C60 on the market is dissolved in water, which means almost none of it reaches your brain. Ian discovered a better way to distribute C60: binding it to a fat.

“If you take Carbon 60,” Ian says, “and you bind it to a lipid that’s going to get it past your blood brain barrier and drop it in your brain…it’s like lining up billiard shots. When you’re playing pool, you want to make sure you get it to go in the right pocket.”

Research shows that C60 can grow your brain cells, helping you create powerful new neural pathways[*]. Ian calls them “super neurons”—some of them are two to three times longer than standard neurons, and they’re more efficient at producing energy.

C60 Makes You Live Longer

Back in 2012, researchers discovered that taking C60 daily doubles the lifespan of rats[*].

Ian explains that C60 protects your mitochondria—the power plants of your cells—from stress and makes them more efficient. They produce more energy with fewer toxic byproducts.

Strong mitochondria keep your cells younger and help them perform better, all with less stress on your system—which, Ian believes, is why C60 is such a powerful anti-aging supplement.

C60 Helps You Build Muscle

C60 also can help you reach new levels of muscle growth and performance.

“Normally,” Ian says, “you only potentiate 25% to 30% of your muscles when they fire. Your recruitment is about 25% to 30%. If you’re in fight or flight, you can go 80% to 100%.

[The C60 serum] will bypass that on a dose-dependent curve[*].”

In other words, taking a couple teaspoons of C60 serum every day will give you a massive performance upgrade in the gym. It can more than double your muscle recruitment.

This is why the Olympic pole vaulter Ian worked with saw a 13-17% increase in performance this past year. C60 can give your muscles an enormous increase in recruitment and strength—similar to the performance boost you get from taking peptides or steroids.

Whether you want to achieve better athletic performance, dial in a smarter brain, live longer–or all three!–this podcast is for you.

Go to https://wizardsciences.com and use code DAVE for an exclusive discount on C60 products.

Enjoy the show!

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  • We’re going to talk about Carbon 60 today. This is something that rat studies came out in the late ’90s, around incredible, almost doubling of the lifespan of mice.  – 3:30
  • Like you said, it’s the weird stuff. But that’s the cutting edge. It’s where we get to make the biggest change.  – 5:51
  • I started doing things like an imine coupled with resveratrol and CoQ10.  – 9:18
  • We’re pushing mitochondria to the point where they pop because they’re just potentiating so much electron flow across the membranes, and you don’t want to do that. So, the work around there, as you add in PQQ so you’d get mitogenesis. – 13:40
  • Humans are not just muscle and bone. We’re this aggregate system with photonics, and chemicals, and biochemical interactions, and magnetics, and electronics.  – 23:29
  • What are you doing at Wizard Sciences that’s different than… there’s 25 brands of C60 out there?  – 27:40
  • Normally, you only potentiate 25% to 30% of your muscles when they fire. Your recruitment is about 25% to 30%. If you’re in fight or flight, you can go 80% to 100%.  – 31:28
  • Your brain accounts for 2% to 3% of your body mass, but sucks down 20% to 25% of your oxygen. – 37:59
  • You’ve really come out with a bunch of new stuff that is noteworthy and new. And the idea of using the type of oil that you’re using to target specific types of cells or cell components is really unique in terms of either, we’ll call either drug delivery or nutraceutical delivery.  – 43:26
  • What changes or benefits have you seen on detox pathway performance when people are using your C60s?  – 45:02
  • I don’t just constantly do the same load every day because your body is so brilliantly adaptive that if you do that, it ceases to be a hormetic stress, and just becomes something that you’re adapted to.  – 50;39
  • It’s very stabilized. The one thing that I always tell people, and it’s literally on the bottle is keep it out of the light, because the components that make it tremendously anti-oxidative, make it pump out a huge amount of singlet oxygen. – 54:04
  • I actually have one that I’m redoing and tailoring specifically for pets with the upgraded bioavailability. So, I personally, yes, it works like a champ. And I have a few friends that are using it for their dogs, but I would just give it two months or so. – 1:06:02

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