InstaMix: Make Bulletproof Coffee Anywhere

If you’ve traveled since starting Bulletproof, you probably know how inconvenient it can be to find good food on the road. I fly about 100 times every year and I always bring the makings for Bulletproof Coffee with me: Upgraded Coffee Beans, Brain Octane Oil, and a stash of grass-fed butter that I usually hide away in a BPA-free soap dish. It’s a hassle, but I’m pretty adamant about drinking my morning cup.

Fortunately, making Bulletproof Coffee on the go is about to become much easier. After three years of tinkering I’m beyond excited to announce Bulletproof’s latest product: InstaMix!

InstaMix is the highest-quality ketogenic creamer on the market. It lets you make Bulletproof Coffee anywhere, anytime, without a blender or refrigeration. Each single serving pouch contains 2 teaspoons of grass-fed butter and two teaspoons of Brain Octane Oil, carefully dried and powdered for maximum convenience without sacrificing nutrition. Here’s how it works:

    • Brew a cup of Upgraded black coffee (in a pinch you can do it without equipment)
    • Add InstaMix
    • Shake for a few seconds until smooth ( you can stir it, too, but shaking is best)
    • Enjoy!

InstaMix is a game changer even if you don’t travel. It means no more waking your spouse up with the blender at 6 AM, no more stowing precious supplies in the communal fridge at work, no more attracting butter-seeking bears when you go camping – the list goes on. And of course, true to Bulletproof standards, InstaMix is:

  • Sugar free
  • Artificial sweetener free
  • Gluten free
  • Mycotoxin free
  • Non-GMO

With millions of people drinking it worldwide, Bulletproof Coffee is already the #1 ketogenic supplement in the world, and InstaMix is going to take it to the next level. Ketogenic diets are becoming more and more popular, especially when it comes to ketone powders and supplements. There are a lot of ketone supplements out there – of varying quality – and we wanted to bring something new to the table.

Part of what makes InstaMix the highest-quality ketogenic creamer on the market is highly-branched cyclic dextrin. To powder fat you have to dry it out on something. The majority of companies choose a starch like GMO corn-derived maltodextrin or a milk-based medium. In addition to being at risk of mold and allergen contamination, these options can contain enough digestible starch or sugar to keep you from entering ketosis. Highly-branched cyclic dextrin is superior because it’s free of milk allergens, its high molecular weight lets it pass through your stomach very quickly, and its branched structure keeps it from causing a glucose spike. That means you can stay in ketosis despite highly-branched cyclic dextrin’s carb content, so don’t worry if you notice that each serving of InstaMix contains five grams of carbs.

One last thing: Instamix may form clumps when you first start mixing it into your coffee. It sticks together because we haven’t added any fillers or flow additives. That’s why, like 007’s martinis, InstaMix is best shaken, not stirred. Give it a good shake and it’ll incorporate beautifully.

Interested? You can order InstaMix online or read more about it here. It doesn’t come with coffee, so make sure you have some Upgraded Coffee Beans handy too. Keep thriving and stay Bulletproof.




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