Listen to Our Interview with Abel James (Fat Burning Man)


Abel is one of the coolest and most laid-back bloggers in the paleo-sphere.

Abel James runs a website called Fat Burning Man (kind of self-explanatory).  He uses paleo nutrition and health advice to help people lose weight and feel great.

After Armi and I spent some quality time with him at PaleoFX, we did an interview on his #2-ranked podcast.  Not only does he have one of the best voices in podcasting, he actually has a degree in brain sciences (biohacker alert!).

Click here to listen to the interview.

In the show, we cover the following (this is from Abel’s website):

  • How one of Dave’s clients lost 75 pounds in 75 days
  • Why exercise can damage you (especially if you don’t get plenty of sleep)
  • How to not to burn yourself during Dr. Jack Kruse’s Cold Thermogenesis Protocol
  • How mycotoxins are probably making you fat
  • The benefits of coffee as a performance enhancing drug

And tons more…

Abel also made an abridged YouTube slideshow from part of the interview:

Here are some of his latest posts:

“How to Lose 25 Pounds in a Month with One Simple Trick”

“Dieting Makes You Fat… And CNN Screws Up the Proof ”

“Paleo Diet Tips: How to Eat Paleo at the Airport “

Abel is a great guy who produces excellent content.  Click the link to his site, listen to the interview, and subscribe to his email list.  You’ll be smarter, healthier, and happier for doing so.




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