Introducing the Biggest Biohack in Bulletproof History… (April Fool’s 2016)

You may have heard me talk about 40 Years of Zen. It’s a brain-hacking course that uses neurotechnology to give you 40 years’ worth of Zen meditation in only 7 days. I’ve gone through it several times now, and I say without reservation that it’s one of the most impactful biohacks I’ve ever done.

Zen meditation increases alpha and theta brain waves in your frontal cortex, promoting relaxation and increasing your ability to deal with stress. It also increases antioxidant activity in your brain, which protects you from cognitive decline without drugs or supplements [1], and it alleviates depression, neuropathic pain, anxiety, and psychological distress [2]. The benefits don’t end there. Zen meditation:

  • increases self-awareness and access to your unconscious neural processing [3]
  • Protects attentional processing as you age [4]
  • Enhances both calmness and alertness at the same time, giving you relaxed focus throughout the day [5]
  • Increases creativity [6]

What’s most powerful is the fact that Zen meditation’s benefits increase with practice [1] – so getting 40 years’ worth of Zen experience in only a week gives your brain an extraordinary upgrade.

But sometimes one week just isn’t enough. Sometimes you want a stronger commitment. That’s why Bulletproof is offering a new training program that’s been years in the making: 40 Actual Years of Zen. Here’s how it works:

  • If you’re accepted, Bulletproof will set you up in an isolated cave in the Tibetan mountains until the year 2056.
  • You’ll have access to $11 million worth of neurofeedback technology, designed to accelerate your learning and help you tap into your spiritual potential.
  • A Zen monk will live with and train you for the duration of the program. All monks are certified left-handed.
  • Zen training is intense, and you’ll want the best brain fuel available. That’s why every cave comes with a pasture-raised yak and a butter churn. A Sherpa will deliver Upgraded Coffee Beans and Brain Octane Oil to you monthly.

Don’t delay! If you sign up for 40 Actual Years of Zen between now and the end of May, you’ll get the early bird price of $65,000 – half off retail. Financing plans are available, and if you register today we’ll throw in a Bulletproof Diet Roadmap absolutely free. It’s perfect to tack to your cave wall.

You can find out more about 40 Actual Years of Zen and talk to a live representative here. Spots are limited. Serious inquiries only please.

This is the biggest biohack Bulletproof has ever offered. Don’t miss out. Have a great week!

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