How 5 Self-Coaching Steps Get You to Your Goals

Jason Goldsmith

Take charge of yourself through conversation, mindset, a plan, a journey and habits.

In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

…you’ll learn how to connect the principles of self-coaching to biohacking. You may already be doing some things, but this topic will help you fine-tune your approach in simple, yet powerful, ways.

High performers typically know the value of coaches: experts who can train them and guide them toward goals. But what if you could become your own coach?

Podcast guest Jason Goldsmith emphasizes the value of combining the mental and physical aspects of human performance. He knows, too, that it’s important to learn to coach yourself to achieve any kind of life success you go after. Self-coaching doesn’t mean you do it all on your own, it means that you take charge of yourself, for yourself.

This episode brings these concepts together so you can be in charge of yourself and be confident and purposeful when making decisions.

A globally recognized performance coach and founder of Goldsmith Performance, Jason’s best known for his work with golfers, from junior, to amateur to professional skill levels. He also coaches athletes from other major sports, as well as Fortune 500 executives.

He’s distilled his knowledge and partnered with David Novak, cofounder & former CEO and Chairman of Yum! Brands (owner of 45,000+ restaurants) to present sports and business coaching for high performance. They’ve created a practical guidebook for you to learn how to be your own best coach: “Take Charge Of You: How Self Coaching Can Transform Your Life and Career.”

In “Take Charge of You,” the value of coaching clearly applies to how you coach yourself:

  • It can help you see yourself and the situations you’re in more clearly. 
  • It can help you to respond to those situations more effectively. 
  • It can help you expand your knowledge and capabilities. 
  • It can help you define what you need to do and stay on track as you do it. 
  • It can help you reach more of your potential and become the best you, you can be.

“We're going to have to learn these skills so that we can get out of that mindset or those negative beliefs and propel ourself over these obstacles so that we can achieve a life where we are more content and we have more peace and more joy.”

Jason Goldsmith

This conversation covers strategies to develop an understanding of who you are and what drives you. “That is a crucial part of choosing your SBT (single biggest thing): it should feel big, important, impactful, even aspirational,” Jason says in his book. “There is a difference between setting a goal and choosing a destination.”

You can outline a process with that knowledge that sets you up for success. And then add in something you may not have considered:

“Joy is a critical ingredient, and I don’t think enough people have enough joy in their day-to-day life,” Jason says. “It’s really important for people to know what it is that brings them joy and what are the things that diminish their joy. So, if I was able to biohack my day, what are the things I do every single day that make me feel the best possible version of myself? But then what are the things that get in the way of that joy? And then how do I eliminate those joy blockers and have more of those joy builders?”

You’ll find out how in this episode!

Take Charge of You” includes do-it-yourself lessons, stories, tips, and questions to ask yourself to track your personal growth and professional development. You can follow this blueprint for self-coaching, no matter what your goals may be.

More about Jason Goldsmith: He’s coached some of the world’s best PGA golf stars in the world like Jason Day and Justin Rose. In recent years, Jason expanded his coaching into other areas: NBA, MLB, NFL, USTA, US and GB Olympic athletes and coaches; Division I and II colleges; nationally ranked junior athletes; and executives throughout major industries. He’s also president and founder of Mustard, a computer vision-enabled social platform. This platform is revolutionizing human performance coaching by creating proprietary CV/AI technology.

Enjoy the show!

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  • So the process of coaching yourself in a sport and coaching yourself to be a better CEO are actually very similar.  – 4:14
  • What do you actually do when you coach? Do you sit down and be like, “Rah, rah. You’re doing great.” Are you a shoulder to cry on? Are you a therapist? What does that really look like?  – 7:47
  • Rather than, “I can’t do something,” “I can’t do something yet.” So let’s attack it. Let’s figure out what are the things that we need to improve on, and then let’s start to improve them. But let’s do it from an appreciating mindset rather than one that’s supporting a negative belief system.  – 11:43
  • Many people don’t execute. Why don’t people execute, even if they succeed in picking a goal in a target?  – 19:49
  • You could throw the best pitch of your life and a guy close his eyes and hit a four run home run. You could throw the worst pitch of your life. Guy hit into a double play. So what you can control is your attitude and the process that you can create. – 24:19
  • If you can make sure that everybody feels recognized for the value they bring and they are affiliated in their success, then I think they’ve done their job as a CEO – 29:06
  • I think the reason why we’re doing these exercises is we’re trying to help people create what their single biggest thing is or their purpose. – 34:27
  • Part of the process in your book, it’s discover your single biggest thing, SBT.  – 39:49
  • We’re going through these joy builder, joy blocker exercises. They’re learning more about all this negative mindset. And then they end up actually applying it to their personal life and their career.  – 44:43
  • One of the things that we go through is change your nots and to not yet.  – 48:04
  • Why is it so hard for athletes and executives to just stop thinking and start? Is it feeling or acting? What is it?  – 55:55
  • It’s shocking what happens when you just ask someone, “Hey, I want you to tell me the truth.”  – 1:01:01

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