Discover Your ‘Sparketype’ and Meet Your True Self

Jonathan Fields

Learn how to align the work you’re paid to do with the passions that truly nourish your heart and soul.


In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

If you find yourself deeply questioning parts of your life that you haven’t before, you’re not alone. People are asking more existential questions about their lives than they were two years ago, and Jonathan Fields joins the show to guide you through some answers.

Jonathan maximizes human potential, especially in the realm of meaningful work. He’s the bestselling author of four books on self-development, most recently “Sparked: Discover Your Unique Imprint for Work that Makes You Come Alive.” He also hosts the popular Good Life Project podcast.

“I started into this topic two decades ago,” Jonathan says. “The fact that the last two years have dropped literally the entire world into the biggest existential questioning in generations is not something that I saw coming. But we are in that place. As we sit here, depending on the research that you look at, anywhere from 25 to 50 percent of people either have quit their jobs or are in the process of quitting or seriously considering it.”

He aims to help people realign the work they’re paid to do, with the actual work that nourishes them through something called Sparketypes. They’re the 10 different archetypes that are sparked by different kinds of work. You may be a maven, maker, scientist, essentialist, performer, sage, warrior, advisor, advocate or nurturer.

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"We are in this very, very altered state right now where people are just deeply re-examining every part of their lives in a way that we haven't before."

Jonathan Fields

Once you determine your particular Sparketype, it can be easier to find work that lights you up. Knowing your Sparketype also can lessen the fear of a career pivot and show you how to take your enthusiasm for one passion into a different line of work. You then can confidently build a career with a sense of purpose and direction.

“[People] may not know what the bargain is that they want to step into,” Jonathan explains. “But what they’re getting clear on is the fact that the way that work has made them feel has satisfied certain needs, for sure, security, safety. The more existential needs, which tend to really become more important when we get a little bit further in life, those have generally been set aside. Part of that bargain was maybe later. Later is here.”

Enjoy the show!

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  • I started into this topic two decades ago. The fact that the last two years have dropped literally the entire world into the biggest existential questioning in generations is not something that I saw coming.  – 3:42
  • At the end of the day, part of it is seeing if we can actually align those tasks, processes, cultures, with something that truly makes us come alive.   – 6:30
  • Is it a lack of gratitude that sucks the life out of the jobs? Or is it just that no one’s willing to do them at any price? – 8:16
  • It has them question their existence, their mortality, the way that they spend all their waking hours, the fundamental nature of how they interact with the world. – 11:41
  • So many people quitting jobs often without something else lined up to go to, which would have been unheard of 10 years ago.  – 13:05
  • You’ve had about half a million people now use your tool called the Sparketype that’s part of the book to figure out what they want to do. – 14:27
  • Probably about over 30 million data points from all that. And so you got some really fascinating, both quantitative and qualitative intel from this over the last four years or so.  – 15:18
  • I’m talking about the confluence of five different states. Each of them well-researched and critical to human flourishing. – 15:45
  • S-P-A-R-K-E is the the survey that lets you figure out what are the things that give you spark. There are 10 possible answers – 19:30
  • Even the prevalence data, which we actually share in an appendix at the end of the book, we break down the prevalence of all 10 primary types, all 10 shadow types and all 91, I think it is pairings.  – 28:26
  • What was your anti-Sparkatype.  – 33:30
  • The good news is that there’s actually a tremendous amount that you can do to reimagine what you’re doing, there’s a bunch of research in what folks in positive and social sciences called job crafting. – 35:27
  • We had at a friend of mine and the very early beta testing of the assessment where the data was coming in slow enough where I could actually see who was taking it and how they were answering. – 41:53
  • Where do you see it going? Where’s the Sparkatype 10 years from now?  – 56:32

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