What Happens When You Die? On Death, Angels & Psychic Powers

Julie Ryan

New ways of thinking about dying, death and the possibilities that exist in an afterlife or other dimensions of existence.


In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

… biohacking goes in a different direction. This frank discussion looks at the dying process and how people and those close to them (family and friends) experience death. You’ll learn about the existence of angels and the power of psychic abilities—even if you may be a skeptic. The conversation also explains what a “medical intuitive” does and how a medical intuitive facilitates energetic healings.

Cool show today! And not what you might expect.

Avid biohacker Julie Ryan checks a lot of success boxes: businesswoman, serial entrepreneur, author, radio show host and podcaster. She also invents surgical devices that sell globally; some have been on the market for three decades. She’s founded nine companies in five different industries.

She checks a lot of unconventional boxes, too. She’s a psychic and medical intuitive. This means she can sense medical conditions and illnesses in people—like a human MRI machine. Then she facilitates energetic healings and says she does a lot of work with stem cell energy.

Julie scans animals, accesses people’s past lives and senses how close to death someone is. She communicates with spirits both alive and dead. Even cooler—Julie’s psychic and medical intuitive skills are learned and she teaches those skills to others. “We all have the ability,” she says. “We all use it, it’s just a matter of developing and enhancing it.”

Julie talks about the “glorious” side of dying, a process that she says involves angels, multitudes of deceased family and friends, the spirits of deceased pets, and countless serendipitous (and miraculous) moments that are all part of a prescribed series of events. She calls this the “12 Phases of Transition™” and broadly outlines this in today’s episode.

“All spirits are pure love and the whole evil spirit thing has all been concocted by religions and governments and civilizations to control the masses.”

Julie Ryan


  • Julie’s giving a digital or audio copy of her books to every listener who wants one. Go to https://askjulieryan.com/ask-julie/. Mention you heard Julie on this podcast and would like a copy.
    • “Angelic Attendants: What Really Happens As We Transition From This Life Into The Next”“There’s university-based research in the past several years that corroborate everything I talk about in my book” Julie says. “And so, I love when science catches up with woo-woo, because this stuff’s ancient. This being surrounded by angels and deceased loved ones.”
    • “Angel Messages For Kids”
    • “Angel Messages For Dogs”
    • “Angel Messages For Cats”
  • Julie puts her medical intuitive skills to work each week as she scans callers on her “Ask Julie Ryan” show. Millions of listeners in more than 100 countries tune in. “Ask Julie Ryan” airs live on MFN and on WCGO Radio (1590 AM and 95.9 FM in Chicago) Thursdays from 7 to 9 p.m. Central Time. Call in live at 712-775-7035 Access Code 483620#.

Enjoy the show!

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